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Turmoil in CPI as top leader quits


Published on: December 14, 2014 | Updated on: Invalid date

File photo of CPI former general secretary A.B. Bardhan and Kerala secretary Pannyan Raveendran

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The payment seat controversy has continued to haunt the CPI with the party’s former district secretary P. Ramachandran Nair announcing his resignation on Saturday.

At a press conference here, Mr Nair said he would file a petition before the Lok Ayukta to arraign the state secretariat,  including Mr Pannyan Raveendran,  as accused in the payment seat case which was being heard by the division bench.

He claimed that the state council meet, which discussed the payment seat probe panel findings, had censured the secretariat, including Mr Pannyan. But the leadership did not reveal these details at the press conference that followed.

"How can someone who has been censured by the state council continue as secretary?" he asked.

"Assistant secretary Prakash Babu says there was no financial irregularity in the candidature. If there is no irregularity then why did the party take disciplinary action against me," he asked.

Referring to the developments that led to Mr Bennet’s candidature, Mr  Ramachandran said that on March 2 only three names were discussed:  Pannyan, C. Divakaran and P. Ramachandran Nair. However, on March 10, the state secretariat met in the morning and asked for the district council meeting the same day.

Mr Pannyan, Mr Ismail and Mr Kanam who took part in the meeting said they had a candidate in mind and wanted the council to approve his name.

Mr Ramachandran said the party leadership’s claim that its inquiry committee report was missing was baseless.  

"There were statements from 88 witnesses in that report. There is a  deliberate attempt to sell the story that the report has been destroyed.

This is clearly aimed at saving the guilty leaders," he said. While there are reports that the former CPI leader is planning to join Mr Shibu Baby John’s RSP, Mr Ramachandran said he had not made up his mind.  

"I have been with the Left since my school days and will continue with the same politics," he said.