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5 reasons we like and dislike 'Happy Ending'


Published on: November 20, 2014 | Updated on: Invalid date

Mumbai:  Saif Ali Khan’s latest starrer Happy Ending will hit the screens on Friday and we managed to catch a special screening of the film. But without revealing too much about the story, here’s what our khabru thinks works for and against the film.
Saif Ali Khan
Apart from the fact that he still has a shockingly clear complexion that is often masked by varying face fuzz, Saif’s face is worth a million Nawabi bucks. He oscillates from being a charming puppy to an indifferent prick all within a twitch of a facial muscle or the crinkling of his eyes. The film is quintessentially Saif — urbane, quirky and deeply funny — and he does everything to play to that image. Rather successfully, might we add.
The writers have employed wit through lines, jibes taken at people and characters themselves, to produce a really good attempt at spoofing our understanding of rom-coms. The interactions between actors are witty and some of the lines are unabashedly uproarious.
Oh what a comeback. If Saif has returned with an image that has worked so well for him, so has Govinda. This time he is spoofing his own persona and that of some of his colleagues. What an epic return to the marquee.
Kalki should really patent that annoying girlfriend role. She’s grating, she’s cute and she tugs at your heartstrings too. Kalki is the type of girlfriend a lot of guys you know would’ve had, regrettably, at some point in time or the other
Background score
Upbeat and eclectic, the background score is far more superior than the songs and serve so well in enhancing the scenes.
Saif’s hair
Possibly one of the most patchy parts of the film is the actor’s hair and in a very distracting way too. Not his alter ego’s, but Saif’s tresses are more distracting than Anushka Sharma’s upper lip in Koffee with Karan.
So she’s the leading lady but there’s very little she brings to the table. Pretty and actually quite watchable in parts, hers is possibly the weakest role.
Kareena’s cameo
From the minute her scene begins, you want her out of your face. Thanks God it’s a cameo.
Hindi in the US
Why would someone attending a book reading with Americans, ask a question in Hindi and receive a response in the same language? Which self-respecting, sensitive person does that? Ya well, the vagaries of Bollywood.