APNGOs back Ashok Babu panel in association polls

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847 voters for the state committee elections and 700 of the voters to support Babu’s panel.

Ashok Babu.

Vijayawada: Expressing confidence that P. Ashok Babu and N. Chandrasekhar Reddy panel would win the Andhra Pradesh Non-Gazzetted Officers Association elections, association state general secretary P. Chandrasekhar Reddy here on Sunday said that 14 of the total 16 APNGO units in the state are supporting their panel.

Addressing a press conference here, Reddy said that there are 847 voters for the state committee elections and 700 of the voters would support Ashok Babu’s panel.

Refuting allegations against Ashok Babu’s entry into politics, Reddy said that their association is purely non-political and will work for the welfare of employees only.

Answering a question posed by reporters, Chandrasekhar Reddy defended the association saying it did not fizzle out the movement and a series of agitations would be launched from January 3. The agitations will include million march, bandhs and laying siege to state assembly.

He said the association is seeking interim relief and are hoping that it would be granted on the eve of New Year. Ashok Babu today at Hyderabad met the Chief Minister to request the same.

“To defeat the State Reorganisation bill in state assembly, we have called an all-party meeting seeking the support of political parties so that the bill does not get any strength when it is served for opinion,” Reddy said in reply to  a question.

APNGOs west Krishna president, A. Vidyasagar said that all the 225 voters under his unit would support Ashok Babu and make him president of the association once again.

He expressed confidence that at least 130 MLAs would vote against the State Reorganisation bill and stop bifurcation.