The plans for Christmas

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Bollywood and Tollywood celebs reveal what they have in mind for the one “special day”.

John Abraham- Some quality time with bikes

I always like to celebrate Christmas at home with my family and love spending the day with my mother. She puts up a really lovely Christmas tree at home. This year too I will be with her.  

When it comes to treating myself, I love eating marzipan and never deny myself this treat during the festival. But I am careful about the other desserts around.

Moving on to gifts, I would love to get bikes. The more the merrier as I am crazy about them and can’t live without a motorbike.

Regina Casandra- Quick celebrations

I’ve been working non-stop this year but I’ve taken three days off from shooting to celebrate Christmas with my parents in Chennai. My family gets together every year to celebrate. 

On Christmas Day, I will celebrate with the kids at the charity that I support, "Life Is a Ball". I’ve bought a few gifts to distribute among the children.

We’ve put up a Christmas tree at home and we will all go to church. In the evening, we will attend a party at my friend’s place and my mother is baking a cake for us to take along.

I’m returning to Hyderabad on December 26 morning, as I have to shoot.

Prince- Grandma’s cakes a must

I will be in Vizag on the special day. Even though I’ve been busy shooting for the last two years, I don’t want to miss this occasion as it’s also a family reunion for us.

My father has four brothers and we celebrate with them and their families. We will go to my grandmom’s place. She makes plum cakes and cooks eight varieties of non-vegetarian food. We stay until night and enjoy some wine as well.

Ileana- At home always

Whether she has Tollywood offers or Bollywood projects, Ileana is one actress who ensures that she spends her Christmas at home in Goa. She is known for taking time out from the schedule for family during this season.