No sugar coating!

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A group of Kochi-based music lovers, shocked the system and the people out of their complacency with their band.

Band members of White Sugar.

"It takes a revolution to make a solution..." go the famous words of Bob Marley number, whose music advocates and identifies social change in people's lives. Following his words, four Kochi-based young music lovers chose the off-beat path of music to bring to highlight the ills that plague society. They formed a band - White Sugar.

The revolutionary band comprising vocalist James Jude Peter, Clement Samson Correya on lead guitars, Nijo Sebastian on bass guitars and Gilbert Xavier on drums is launching their debut album 'Sugar Rush' that blatantly criticises the illness of our society.

“Actually, 'Sugar Rush' is a character that one encounters in our life. He is a faceless man with his one good eye closed. It is the representation of the society that expresses the frustration and anger of common people against the authorities who turn a blind eye to the problems and the system," says Gilbert Xavier. 

As part of the album launch, the band conducted a show recently titled 'Is the Swami Insane?' presenting themselves in an unique avatar.

“This is one of the songs in the album. Usually, people are so stereotypical when it comes to rock musicians, especially when they grow a beard and long hair like us. They think that we are drug addicts and are always criticised for following our dreams. In reality, music gives us strength and inner peace. Just like swamis, we are content with what we have. Hence, the question: is the swami insane?", explains Gilbert.

The song, with powerful lyrics and the blend of alternative rock and electronic style, shows the agitation of the common man and they have the inspiration from the revolutionaries of music -Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, the rock band Rage Against Machine.

“Four of us come from middle class background and we know the reality. Music is our medium to express our rage and protest against the refusal to look at the other's suffering. So, our music is in its purest and sweetest form, detached from the com mercial angle. So is the name, White Sugar."

Speaking about their journey, Gilbert says, “So far, our song shed light on the system that deliberately failed us like the condition of roads, farmer suicides and women abuse. We are trying to make people responsive to these issues in ways they can."

Topping their future plans is their new album. “The launch of the album is just a beginning," says Gilbert. “We will be doing more songs and are planning a tour across the State."