To Gujaratis, PM Modi is apna NarendraBhai'

Gujarat and its people know that the BJP is the only party which has taken the state on the development path.

Gujarat is witnessing a high decibel poll campaign, with both the BJP and Congress heavyweights trying to woo the voters. While Congress is questioning BJP's development model and highlighting how the OBC, Dalits and Patidars are not happy in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's home state Gujarat, the BJP is confident that Gujaratis know that only the Amit Shah led party can maintain the Gujarati Asmita. Former Union Minister and BJP national spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain told Yojna Gusai that Gujarat will again vote for ‘apna Modi.’

Q. What is your prediction for the Gujarat election.
A. The BJP is winning Gujarat and everyone knows it. The Congress is just trying to make some noise through its campaigns as it has to prove that it is still a political player.

Q. You seems to be confident about your party's win. Why?
A. Gujarat and its people know that the BJP is the only party which has taken the state on the development path. Gujarat has been witness to people- centric initiatives taken by the BJP government for so many years. They will not get effected by opposition's negative campaign because they know the truth.

Q. It is for the first time after Mr Modi's elevation to national political scene that the Gujarat is going to the polls. Do you think it will have any effect on BJP's poll prospects.
A. For Gujaratis, Narendrabhai is not just the Prime Minister of the country, for them he is "apna Narendra Bhai". When he was the chief minister, Gujarat kept bringing him back as it witnessed the prosperity and opportunities his government brought for the state. Now when he is the Prime Minister, they will only help in strengthening his resolve to develop the country. Gujarat will vote in favour of the party in which they have trust and faith.

Q. But what about OBCs and Patidars, which the Congress claim are not happy with the BJP. Their leaders are also seen associating with the Congress.
A. Even during the last Lok Sabha elections, Congress and other opposition parties tried to create such issues through which they wanted to have some space for themselves in the newspapers and electronic media. But they can't fool people who have more political sense than them. Only the election results will prove who are the real leaders of OBC and Patidar.

Q. But what about 'Gujarati boys' - Alpesh Thakur, Jignesh Mewani and Hardik Patel. They have a significant popularity base and have been criticising the BJP over issues related to their communities. They are siding with the Congress.
A. It's all a drama as Congress has to show that it is also in the game. Gujaratis also remember that Uttar Pradesh had also seen one such experiment of a team of two boys and the entire country know how the experiment failed. Now the Congress is again trying to revive the experiment in Gujarat. But Gujaratis know which Gujaratis boys have been actually working for them.

Q. Do you think Gujarat poll results are going to be a test of Mr Modi's popularity and Mr Shah's organizational and management skills.
A. Modi-Shah's leadership has seen the BJP increasing its base and winning states one after another. Opponents have been criticising Modi government over various issues but the reality is otherwise. Whether it was demonetisation or GST implementation, opponents slammed the government. But people proved Modi and BJP's opponents wrong and they will again prove them wrong in Gujarat.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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