Five-course Fiesta!

Pre-teens are hosting high teas and sit-down dinners on special occasions.
While most kids their age are thrilled at the mention of pizza and ice cream, a growing number of children in their early teens are skipping their neighbourhood dessert parlours and pizzerias for elegant sit down dinners and elaborate five-course meals. Whether at a restaurant, a relative’s home or at their own birthday party, there seems to be a subtle but sure epicurean push towards delicate flavours and exquisitely plated food. “It’s not to say that these kids don’t enjoy their burgers and pizzas, which are smack with exciting flavours that hit the spot. But they are also being introduced to sophisticated creations which is helping them develop a discerning palate much earlier than the rest of us did,” shares food expert Aslam Gafoor, citing the example of his own teenage kids who he says love the thought of fine-dining experiences.
Trisha Alur, who turned 13 late last year, hosted a formal, five-course sit down meal complete with ‘white wine’ (apple juice) and ‘red wine’ (cranberry juice) served in actual wine glasses, to kick off her progress into the dreaded teenage years. A roaring hit with her friends who attended the do held at a popular restaurant, Alur shares how she was hesitant about the idea at first, but soon got on board after some convincing by her mother. “It was simply lovely,” she laughs, adding, “We had place cards, personal menus for every guest and a beautiful table setting. It was all so grown up. The food tasted really good and my guests went back home quite happy,” recalls Alur. The dress code too was in keeping with the food being served (wild mushroom brown butter and green pea gnocchi, anyone?) and saw the girls turn up in dresses and the boys in suits and ties.
Thirteen-year-old Keya Gnanakan, who has been to many fancy dinners and lunches shares that it’s important to master table manners at first. “Simple things like sitting up straight and with your elbows off the table, the right cutlery to use for each course and excusing yourself when you need to get up, etc, are things I’ve learnt by attending these dinner parties,” she tells us. “I really enjoy them because it’s a bit of a new experience and the food is usually really good. Starters like cheese and crackers and cute little canapes are things I really enjoy,” adds Gnanakan who goes to Bethany High.
Aryan Kulin Makhecha is another teenager who loves his sit down meals. “I remember this one dinner I went to in Germany, on one of my dad’s business trips. It was a lot of fun, because you get to dress up and be formal. It’s a refreshing change from relaxed meals. I think it’s sometimes nice to be amidst a formal setting,” he shares. And even as someone somewhere is gearing up to host the next sit down meal for their teenager, psychologist Geetha A sums it up for us. “It’s okay as long as the kids realise that they are children and it’s just a fun experience. It also teaches them how to be polite and well mannered so that’s also an added bonus,” she concludes.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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