Want to cut down on spirits?

Here are some tips for you.
If your tipple resolution for 2016 is to reduce your intake a little — maybe you’re trying to cut back on the calories, or have imbibed a little too much of the good stuff over the holidays, or you’ve promised to be the designated driver for all of your group’s evenings out — then here are some tips for you!
Drink out of a straight-sided glass
Those curved glasses may be cute, but they also make you drink faster, and you then end up having that third pint, when you really could have stopped at two. People drink 60 percent slower when they drink from a straight glass. Also, the shorter a glass (we aren’t talking about volume, just length), the greater is the tendency to pour more liquid into it. You drink lesser in a tall, thin glass.
Put the glass down!
You pour lesser wine into a glass when it’s resting on a tabletop, rather than if you’re holding it aloft in your hand.
Make it dark
Choose stout instead of ale, and red wine over white, if you want to cut down on your intake. White spirits are as clear as the glass we pour them into, and we think “this isn’t much”. The reverse is true for darker liquids.
Ditch the loud music
Apparently, loud music in pubs, clubs — the kind that doesn’t let you have a conversation — actually makes you drink more. You fill up the silences by sipping your drink and end up drinking way more than you intended to!
Keep track
Keeping a “drink diary” will help when you’re counting calories.

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