Ranveer’s resolution ‘don’t die’

Ranveer hopes that his character does not die in his next, for mum and Deepika!

Ranveer Singh’s mother hates the fact that her son dies in most of his films. And because he dies in Bajirao Mastani too (sorry about that spoiler), Ranveer wasn’t keen on her seeing the film too soon.

“Be it Lootera, Gundey and now Bajirao Mastani, I die in all the climax scenes,” said Ranveer, adding, “I did not want my mum to watch Bajirao in the first week itself. But she insisted and watched the film with a few friends and family members. But after the film got over she was literally numb and hugged me for almost half an hour. I had to give her a lot of pappies and jhappies.

“She, of course, does not like to see me die in films. Let’s hope that in my next film I survive,” added Ranveer with a smile. And more importantly, he wishes that he does a film with Deepika in which he does not just die in the end.

“I definitely want to survive, live and see a happy ending in which Deepika and I live together happily ever after. In most of my films with Deepika, I just die,” he added. Well, here’s hoping your dreams work out!

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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