Top viral videos of 2015

As the year comes to an end, we have complied a list of top 13 videos that went viral and managed to catch everyone’s attention.

From Breast Garbing Challenge to Drunk Panda video to South Indian bride, who made the coolest entry on her wedding day.

Here's the list of viral videos of 2015, say goodbye to this year with some laughter.

Wishing you a very Happy New year.


2015 was filled with weird challenges and most of it has gone viral. One of the most popular challenges this year on the social media was the ‘Breast grabbing challenge’.

This challenge went viral all over the Internet where women were seen wrapping their arms around their chest in order to grab their breasts.

In fact this trend started on a blogging site Weibo in China and since then thousands of users took part in this challenge.

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South Indian bride makes the coolest wedding entry

This South Indian bride become talk of the town for quite a long time.

She spiced up her entry by dancing all her way to the mandap, and her friends and family loved it as much as she did.

They all clapped and cheered as she moved her body to the peppy tune of a Tamil song.

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New York City rat taking pizza home on the subway

People have been very excited by this video this year of a rat in New York City taking a piece of pizza home on the Subway for tea.

The video received views over a million times on YouTube. What’s interesting about this footage is that the little rat is taking home a slice of pizza that is bigger than itself.

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Giant squid makes rare appearance in Japanese port

A giant squid that wandered into a Japanese port has been guided back out to sea almost a week after it was spotted, giving enthusiasts and experts a rare glimpse of the mysterious creature.

The massive invertebrate, four metres (13 feet) in length, was discovered by fishermen on December 24 at a port in the city of Toyama on Japan's northwestern coast.

It was later guided by a diver into deeper seas.

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Cars levitating in China on a busy road

This video of cars levitating in China on a busy road went gone viral and no one could figure out how this exactly happened.

This clip has emerged from Xingtai, China where several moving vehicles appear to levitate on a busy road.

The clip shows a minibus suddenly rising up in the air and flipping on its side. And same thing is repeated with the other two vehicles as well.

Many were confused that how this happened and couldn’t come up with a reason.

But if you go back and watch the video again, you will see a faint black line on the left of the screen.

As per the reports it was a cable wire which got tangled up around the vehicle and make them lift into the air.

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Otto the skateboarding bulldog breaks the Guinness World Record

Meet Otto, who become popular overnight. This pooch managed to grab its place in the record book after skateboarding under the longest human tunnel.

The footage below shows the dog moving on and off the skateboard before he sets the required speed.

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Wardrobe malfunction at a Kerala wedding

This video of Malayali couple getting married managed to grab all the eyeballs. When they thought that everything was going to be perfect on their D-Day, things went wrong.

The epic moment takes place in the video when the couple got up to encircle around the holy fire and this led to a wardrobe malfunction. The video received over 10lakh views.

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Adorable Japanese hamster eating a carrot before sleeping

An adorable Japanese hamster named Mike became popular all over the Internet and melted hearts of many people around the world.

In the footage mike is seen munching on a carrot slice before he goes to sleep.

The video has been up for almost a year but went viral this year. The video got more than 7,44,000 views!

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First there was the Ice Bucket Challenge, then Breast Grabbing Challenge, and then this new trend the #condomchallenge became popular among the teens.

This trend started in Japan. In mid-November a video named “Japanese Condom Head Challenge” was uploaded and that became first example of this.

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Cutest baby panda ‘Jingjing’ makes debut in Malaysia

This little panda ‘Jingjing’ won several hearts around the globe when she made an adorable debut in Malaysia among hundreds of visitors.

The little panda is seen sleeping on a table in the footage.

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Rice ball babies became meme in Japan

Making babies resemble rice ball babies became the latest social media trend in Japan in 2015. And the results were hilariously adorable!

All one needed to do was just put both your thumbs under a babies’ chin and squish the cheeks before clicking a picture. It all started when Japanese comedian Masahiro Ehara squished his kids’ faces into rice ball shapes a few months ago. That had other parents also sharing similar photos of their children.

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This video of a ‘drunk’ panda went viral within no time

In this video a panda was seen running here and there and its caretaker were trying to catch hold of it but was constantly failing. This footage was shared on Facebook on December 4. The video was shared over 650,000 times and received over 56 milion views.

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China makes dosa

A village in China makes this crisp Dosa-like dish using 5 different types of cereal. Watch the video to look at the fascinating way in which they make it. Are you hungry yet? Video credits: Radha Narayanan/Facebook

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( Source : deccan chronicle )
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