When is the best time to have sex?

Women are the most energetic and men are
London: Seems like love is an afternoon thing as it has been revealed that the best time of day to make love is 3pm. 3 pm is the "afternoon delight" as men and women are apparently most in tune with each other's desires, the Daily Mail reported.
In the afternoon, women have high levels of the hormone cortisol, which helps alertness and are at their most energetic and men have elevated levels of oestrogen, making them "more emotionally present" during sex.
Hormone expert Alisa Vitti said that the time was the perfect compromise for both sexes' satisfaction, with men giving women the emotional support they crave while still getting plenty of enjoyment.
Vitti, author of the hormone guide WomanCode, said that while men sleep, they produce testosterone, a key hormone in sexual arousal and performance. Levels peak in the early to mid-morning, meaning this is the perfect time for a man to have sex. Men are more interested in initiating sex during this window and are more capable of a better sexual response.
However, the late afternoon is another good time for men to have sex because, while their testosterone levels go down, their oestrogen levels rise.
She also said the best time of the month to have sex was during the ten days or so after ovulation, when 'women experience a surge in oestrogen and testosterone that causes their desire to skyrocket'.
( Source : ANI )
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