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Rohan is a darling: Umang Jain

Published Dec 27, 2015, 5:26 am IST
Updated Mar 26, 2019, 2:28 pm IST
Umang Jain has only good things to say about her co-star Rohan Mehra. The latter, on his part, returns the favour.
Umang Jain and Rohan Mehra
 Umang Jain and Rohan Mehra
Rohan Mehra and Umang Jain or  Naksh and Tara from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai form a mutual admiration club. Unlike many onscreen couples that don’t see eye to eye after pack-up, this duo can’t seem to pick a flaw in each other or disagree on much. Excerpts from an interview:
What was your first impression of Umang/Rohan? Has it changed over time? 
Umang: My very first shot for the show was with Rohan. He was extremely helpful, showing me around and getting me acquainted with the sets and the crew. Rohan is a darling and my impressions of him since the first time I met him have only changed for the better.
Rohan: She seemed a little lost on her first day of the shoot so I was her helping hand on the day. She was sweet to talk to and cut to a few minutes later, there was no awkwardness — we were shooting and having fun together.
Who broke the ice? 
Umang: It was a mutual thing. We had to get talking so that we could be comfortable while shooting. It wasn’t a formal conversation and we hit it off from the word go.
Rohan: I disagree! I think I did because I wanted to help her with finding her way on the sets of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.
Television audiences seem to like Naksh and Tara as a couple. What is your favourite scene from the ones you have shot together? 
Umang: The response to Naksh and Tara has been extremely overwhelming. Fans on social media keep flooding Rohan and my timelines for pictures of us together. My favourite scene so far has to be when we were in Goa. It was when Tara confesses her love for Naksh on a pier. It was a surreal feeling and the scene was as good as any romantic scene in a movie.
Rohan: My favourite is when Naksh and Tara are hiding from their respective families to spend time with each other. It was a lot of fun sneaking out.
What qualities do you look for in your partner? 
Umang: My man should truly believe that I am his princess. I should be the centre of his universe and he will be mine. I am not a hardcore romantic but I do believe in love and relationships that have trust and friendship at their core.
Rohan: My woman should be my best friend, she should understand my work and love me for who I am.
What is your favourite memory of each other?
Umang: My favourite memory of Rohan would be from the promo shoot for YRKK when my hockey stick accidentally hit him. 
Rohan: Every scene Naksh and Tara have together has some special memory attached to it. For Akshara and Naitik, their love story was after marriage. But for Naksh and Tara, they’re already in love and are relatable for couples today.
What are the qualities you like and dislike about each other? 
Umang: I like the fact that he is extremely helpful and has such an endearing personality. He is too sweet for anyone to dislike. I’m still in the process of getting to know him better, but no dislikes just yet.
Rohan: One thing I like about her is the fact that she is an extremely accommodating and caring co-actor. I’m lucky to be shooting with her. I dislike the fact that she takes a lot of time to get ready and she has an eye for perfection. She wants everything perfectly done which is humanly impossible at most times.
Mention a memorable incident with each other.
Umang: While shooting on the pier, I had to run into Naksh’s arms. I was wearing a long skirt and while running towards him, the cloth got stuck in something and tore. My balance was lost and I would’ve almost fallen into the lake had it not been for Rohan’s presence of mind — he ran towards me and gave me the support to stand still.
Rohan: The transformation of Umang to Tara on our very first day of shoot. The girl turned into a tomboy and I was quite amused at the way she carried it off.
On a scale of 1-10 how well do you think you know each other? 
Umang: I do know him pretty well. We spend a lot of time together on set, enjoying in between shots so we do interact a lot and that has led to getting to know each other really well. So I’d say, I know him at a 7 on a scale of 1-10.
Rohan: I think I know her in and out. I’d say 10 on 10. She is a typical girl yet somewhat different and that’s what is something that stands out about her.
What makes you happy? 
Umang:  I’m a happy person. People often tell me how they spot me smiling for no reason. So I think good vibes and good people make me happy.
Rohan: The fact that I am getting to do such good work. I don’t like to compromise on my work and fortunately I’ve never had to.
What do Naksh and Tara have to learn from Akshara and Naitik as a couple? 
Umang: Akshara and Naitik as an on-screen couple are really looked up to by the audiences. Looking at them you know that love never dies and marriage is definitely a promise of togetherness.
Rohan: The art of staying together despite ups and downs. You need to tackle those together and that’s when your love and mutual trust becomes your strength.
How important is it to get along with your costar off-screen as well? 
Umang: It is necessary to get along on-screen and off-screen because that is what eventually translates on screen.
Rohan: I agree with Umang.
One thing fans don’t know about you
Umang: I am Jain, I follow a strict Jain diet.
Rohan: Fans know everything about me, nothing is hidden.
Current song on your mind? 
Umang: Sun Saathiya
Rohan: Gerua
One thing you can’t do without. 
Umang: My wallet.
Rohan: My phone.
First thing you do in the morning.
Umang: Look for my mum
Rohan: Switch off all my alarms.
Any crazy obsession that fans should know about?
Umang: I’m highly obsessed with sunglasses and have a dozen of them.
Rohan: I am obsessed with the colour black. My wardrobe only consists of black shirts.




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