Movie Review 'Pasanga 2': An educative film worth watching

Published Dec 26, 2015, 3:37 pm IST
Updated Mar 26, 2019, 2:37 pm IST
Pandiraj has packaged several issues in an entertaining manner without being preachy.
CAST: Suriya, Amala Paul, Nishesh and Vaishnavi
RATING: Three stars
The movie is about two kids, Kavin (Nishesh) and Nayana (Vaishnavi), just seven and a half years old, whose hyperactive and crazy behaviour makes not only the lives of their respective parents (Ramdoss – Vidya Pradeep and Karthik Kumar -Bindu Madhavi) nightmarish, but also creates huge problems in their schools.  They are average in academics and hence it becomes a routine affair for them to get transfer certificates from their schools and are also asked to vacate their apartments often. All this and more which often adds to the misery of their parents.  
Even consulting several doctors, offer no solutions to their kids’ problems, except that the two are labelled with different disorders. In a fit of rage, they finally send them to a hostel, hoping that the children will learn to discipline themselves. But things go unmanageably wrong and Nayana and Kavin are shown the doors.
Now entering screen space is the lovable couple, child psychiatrist Dr Tamil Nadan (Suriya) and his wife Venbha (Amala Paul), a new age teacher from The Dream Unschool. They have altogether different perspectives on parenting, education and schooling. After consulting Tamil Nadan, they come to know that Nayana and Kavin are normal except that they are hyperactive which in medical parlance they call it Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
Pandiraj who picked up a National Award for his debut film ‘Pasanga’ that dealt with innocent rural children and his later offering ‘Marina’ which revolved around lower class children who are forced to work for their livelihood. Here in ‘Pasanga 2’, he has tried to explore the urban kids from wealthy families who are subject to the pressure of fulfilling their parents’ dreams and ambitions.
Pandiaraj takes a dig at our educational system, from registering your kid at popular schools even before delivering the child, to be hard on them when they score poor marks or fail to excel in competitions etc.
Pandiraj has neatly packaged all these issues in an entertaining manner without losing its core message adding a good dose of humour and at the same time not being preachy. Kudos to the director for handling the emotional scenes without to much melodrama!  
Every parent can connect to the situation faced by the filmy parents of these two kids and the climax will leave you in tears.
Nishesh and Vaishnavai are undoubtedly the real scene-stealers. Pandiraj has extracted the best out of them. All other kids are equally good in their limited scope. Suriya’s screen presence in an extended cameo makes a difference to the proceedings post interval. Amala Paul in simple sarees looks ravishing and delivers what’s expected out of her. Bindu Madhavi, Karthik, Ramdoss and Vidya chip in their best. Balasubramaniem’s vivid cinematography with fresh angles adds value to the movie. Arrol Corelli’s music is just about adequate. 
Although the latter part becomes a bit predictable and gives a documentary feel, one cannot really expect sudden twists and turns in a film like ‘Pasanga 2’. Nonetheless, a movie that’s worth spending time.