Check out the car that can be driven by your brain alone

The project was initially started as a possible transport solution for disabled people.

Ever wished for an automatic car that would move without you even lifting a finger? If yes then your wish seems to have come true. If the video here is to be believed then there's a car that can actually be driven by your brain alone. The project was initially started as a possible solution for disabled people who cannot physically drive their cars.

The video explains that a special computer program translates the brain's signals to the car. Moreover, researchers also claim that it is quite safe as this system is not completely controlled by the brain all the time. They are are hoping to combine this wonderful technology with driverless cars in the near future.

Although, presently the prototype of the car just moves forward, experts are optimistic that this new development will usher in a new era in the automobile industry.

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( Source : deccan chronicle )
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