A constant learner

Published Dec 15, 2015, 5:56 am IST
Updated Mar 26, 2019, 6:00 pm IST
After working in three different languages, she feels like a proper “Indian girl.”
Amy Jackson
 Amy Jackson

British actress Amy Jackson is trying her best to look the ‘proper Indian girl’ and this is what she has to say...

Brit model turned actress Amy Jackson has gone places in a short span of time despite working in absolutely different languages.
In fact, a couple of years ago, she didn’t have a clue about most of Southern India’s languages. Now though, the star’s enjoying a stellar career in South cinema — including Tollywood.

And after teaming up with Dhanush, Amy is all set to woo moviegoers alongside the former’s father-in-law, Rajinikanth, in Tamil sci-fi flick Enthiran 2. “My heart goes for the people of Chennai who battled the floods. I hope the city is coming back to normalcy,” said Amy, as she landed in Chennai.

“This year has been the best which kept me busy with a whole lot of different genre films like Thanga Magan and Gethu in Tamil and Singh is Bling in Hindi,” the actress adds. “In Thanga Magan I play Hema, who is just 17, younger than what I am in real life. Hema is a lively and outgoing school student and it’s about her rollercoaster romance with Dhanush,” she reveals.

Also, she’s a big fan. “Dhanush is an incredible multi-talented personality. Because apart from acting, he sings, writes lyrics, dialogues and is a great dancer. When you have a co-star like him, your work becomes that much easier. Also, the comfort levels are very high with him while shooting.”

She also has the competition flustered. “I’m not really a competitor to anyone in the industry. There are so many talents here and I am a very hard worker. If you look great, feel confident in a particular attire, that’s not about ‘skin show’ for me. It’s about what’s required for the role you play in a particular film. I am a constant learner and after a point, your glam quotient will not singularly help you survive in the industry”.

And a lot of people back home are starting to pay attention... and wondering how a British model was able to successfully carve out a film career in India... a country filled with hopefuls. In fact, British tabloids have run full front pages about Amy’s successful “Bollywood career”.

“I also screen my films to my friends and relatives in Liverpool. After I and Singh is Bling, which were released there, lots of Indians there recognise me and call me an ‘Indian star’.”
She also took Hindi tuitions to perfect her diction for Singh is Bling. How about her Tamil?

She says, “Acting is my passion. I have a Tamil coach. Down the line, I am planning to dub for myself (laughs)”. She adds that after working in three different languages, she feels like a proper “Indian girl”, adding in a lighter vein, “Where’s England?”



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