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The Party ‘Pert’fect Bod

Published Dec 13, 2015, 12:01 am IST
Updated Mar 26, 2019, 6:26 pm IST
Make sure not to move the knee beyond your toes.
Goblet Squat with Overhead Press
 Goblet Squat with Overhead Press

If you’re eyeing that LBD for the upcoming party season and are concerned about that arm jiggle or that little extra flab around your belly, it’s time you plan your workouts for the next two weeks wisely.

It’s that time of the year when everyone wants to sparkle in that fabulous New Year’s Eve dress. While the countdown to the New Year begins, it’s time now to plan your workouts to target a hot bod in two weeks flat. Here are four steps you can follow that work wonders to tone up those muscles in no time when combined with a healthy diet and regular cardio every alternate day of the week. Ensure that you perform all these exercises in a circuit fashion with 60 seconds rest in between each exercise. Perform at least three circuits. After completing each circuit, take three minutes rest and repeat the next circuit.


— The writer is master trainer, Zen Sports and Fitness

BarBell Squat Jump
Stand shoulder width apart, placing a barbell on your upper back. Drop your hip into a squat position like you are doing a vertical jump. Pointing your toe forward, drive your hip upward explosively and jump as high as possible. Balancing the barbell on shoulder, land softly on your toes and return to the starting position. Do a set of 16-20 repetitions followed by 30 seconds of bicycle crunch.

Note: Make sure not to move the knee beyond your toes. Press your foot firmly to drive up. Make sure to land on your toes softly. Exhale while pushing and inhale while landing.


Lunge with Medicine Ball Twist

Begin in a standing position with the feet shoulder width apart and lower your body into a squat position and place your hands on the floor in front of you. Keep your hands firmly on the ground by taking support from the ground and kick your feet back as though you are in a push-up position. Lower your chest to do a push-up. Bring your chest back and pull your feet back to the original position. Stand up and then jump into the air while raising your arms over your head and come back to the starting position. After this, jump over the stepper laterally and repeat the same. Do a set of 10 repetitions on each side of the stepper, followed by 30 seconds of bicycle crunch.


Note: It is one of the best compound exercises. Make sure to complete every move perfectly. This exercise should be performed on a soft surface.

Lateral Jump Burpees

Stand shoulder width apart. Hold a medicine ball at your chest level. Keep your left leg forward bending both the knees, forming a lunge position. Extend both arms with a medicine ball at chest level and twist your torso towards left. While still in the lunge position, rotate back to the centre and step back to the starting position. Repeat the same with your right leg. Perform 10 lunges with each leg, followed by 30 seconds of bicycle crunches.

Note: Don’t lock your elbows when you hold the medicine ball. Keep your upper body straight throughout the movement. Squeeze your navel in while you are twisting the torso.


Goblet Squat with Overhead Press

Goblet Squat with Overhead Press Stand in a wide leg stance, holding dumbbell vertically at chest level. Lower your hip as low as possible holding your core tight. Push your hip back to the starting position and push the dumbbell overhead and bring back the dumbbell to the starting position. Perform 16-20 repetitions with control followed by 30 seconds of bicycle crunch.

Note: Make sure your knees are facing towards your toes. Elbows should be pointing the floor. Tuck your tummy and press your foot when you drive up. Keep your back with a natural arch. Don’t allow your back to collapse.