Seaman confesses to stabbing unfaithful wife, friend 50 times

Published Dec 10, 2015, 3:14 pm IST
Updated Mar 26, 2019, 7:14 pm IST
The accused tried to commit suicide unsuccessfully after the gruesome crime.
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 Representational Image.

Mumbai: A 28-year-old-man killed his wife and his friend after an argument over an extra-marital affair at his house in Kamothe, Navi Mumbai on Tuesday night. The accused suspected his wife of having an extra-marital affair with his friend and the couple had fought over the issue several times in the past.

The accused stabbed his wife and the friend with a kitchen knife and a broken beer bottle.


The accused has been identified as Dhruvkant Thakur, who was an engineer in a shipping company. He married Sushmita (24) in 2011, who was working in MGM Hospital in Navi Mumbai as a medical professional.

According to police officials, the couple were college friends and got married after their parents approved the match. But soon after the marriage, the two of them started bickering and their relationship turned sour, their neighbours told the police.

According to the police, Sushmita had apparently been planning to get a divorce from Dhruvkant since 2012, but he was not ready to separate from his wife.


Dhruvkant who murdered his wife and his friend Ajaykumar Laliprasad, surrendered and confessed his crime to the Kamothe police.

“According to Dhruvkant’s statement, he said that his friend Ajaykumar used to visit his place too often. Whenever Dhruvkant and Sushmita argued, Ajaykumar used to sort things out between the couple. Later, Sushmita got attracted to Ajaykumar, because of which she started asking for divorce,” police officials said,

“Dhruvkant discovered the affair after he checked his wife’s phone and chat messages to Ajaykumar,” officials further added.


On Tuesday, Ajaykumar, who was also working in the shipping company, returned to India from a trip to Dubai. Dhruvkant called him over at his place for dinner. When they were having dinner, Sushmita started arguing with Dhruvkant and Ajaykumar started taking her side. Dhruvkant lost his temper and confronted to two of them over their alleged affair. Both of them confessed that they were in a relationship.

In a fit of rage, the accused first stabbed his wife with a knife, when his friend tried to rush to Sushmita’s rescue, Dhruvkant stabbed him as well. Even after the duo had collapsed, the accused continued to stab them, this time with a broken beer bottle, to ensure that they died.


An official from Kamothe police said, “The wife and the friend were stabbed about 50 times. Dhruvkant also tried to kill himself that night but did not succeed, and he confessed everything to his sister on the phone. After which he decided to surrender to us. We have arrested him in double murder case and he will be produced in court tomorrow.”