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Aamir’s woes not over

Published Dec 6, 2015, 12:01 am IST
Updated Mar 26, 2019, 8:24 pm IST
Actor should take it easy with his strong views and may have a troubled start to the next year.
Aamir Khan
 Aamir Khan

Over the years, Aamir Khan has delivered some of Bollywood’s most powerful movies. And though he has enjoyed a smooth run in Bollywood with a huge fan base, this hasn’t translated to real life with him coming under a lot of flak recently for his comments over “intolerance”.

So, will Aamir’s movies face increased heat now? Or will the situation get better in a few days’ time? Let’s find out what the stars say.


How is the planetary cycle affecting Aamir?
According to Aamir’s Natal Horoscope, he is passing through a tough period. The current planetary cycle (Dashas or Periods) that Aamir is going through makes for an interesting case to analyse. Jupiter in Aries – the sign of initiation makes him feel very wise about the views expressed. The planetary positions seem to show his pioneering spirit which gives him the tendency to take a stand on various issues. However, overall, unexpected troubles and will lead to tough times.
A more thorough view
The planets will be behaving in an unrelenting way in Aamir’s case as the ones in question are Rahu-Ketu and Saturn, who happen to be top-rank malefics. One does not foresee this matter getting sorted out anytime soon. According to Aamir’s Natal Horoscope, this issue might show signs of subsiding around February, 2016. Between now and then, whatever he tries to communicate could backfire.
A Career at risk?

The planetary positions seem to show that this period might prove to be tricky for Aamir as it could burden him with a sense of disinterest and frustration from within, which might create more problems. Even his career might get affected by all that has been happening.
Tougher times ahead...
After January 2016, times could get tougher for him. He will have to be very conscious about the image he creates with masses and critics alike. His moves could land him in unpleasant situations with authority figures as well.
Mr Perfectionist’s films

Due to an adverse planetary configuration, his forthcoming films and image  could also get affected.
Hazy picture...
Overall, the period till around the end of January 2017 is likely to be quite stressful for Aamir Khan. This could make for a very unclear  picture.