Movie review ‘Rathaavara’: An action repeat

The film has enough ‘punch’ to quench the thirst for action.
Director: Chandrashekar Bandiyappa
Cast: Srii Murali, Ravi Shankar, Lokesh, Rachitha Ram, Charan Raj, Chikkanna, Sadhu Kokila.
Rating: 3 stars
If ‘Ugramm’ provided Srii Murali with the much-needed break, when his acting career was on the brink of collapse, ‘Rathaavara’ has ‘just’ pulled him up enough to retain his position. Despite no connections whatsoever, the film does give you the feeling of having the soul of ‘Ugramm’ in it. It was not always about the movie, but it was rightly about Srii Murali who took utmost care to make sure of a promising entertainer after his previous successful flick. It was nothing short of a big star release, as almost every screen witnessed houseful shows on day one. However, not everything has gone according to the plan which otherwise would have without a doubt been a back-to-back success.
The big let down is the romance part as it hardly evokes any emotions, and is more of a monologue act performed by the heroine who keeps popping up every now and then. Based on an unusual plot, the story has been stretched for little over two hour, and is about an orphan who would do anything for his MLA boss without caring for its consequences. With Bhuvan Gowda’s cinematographic excellence in creating the perfect mood for this action flick, the other hero is off course the stunt choreographer Different Danny, who has certainly lived up to his name.
The best catch of all is Lokesh of ‘Bhajarangi’ fame portraying the role of a mangalamukhi (transgender). Like any other similar plot, the protagonist turns against his own boos after he fails to meet one of his challenging tasks. The failure has direct bearing on his conscience, but time has run out! With the side effects of ‘Ugramm’ in the second half, the action starts to unfold with the protagonist roaring with high-octane power right till the climax. The silent but violent mannerism shouts for a desperate change, and any more repeats of such similar making could prove disastrous in future for the star who is reborn. ‘Rathaavara’ has enough ‘punch’ to quench the thirst for action.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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