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With a little help, Chennaites rise above the waters

Deccan Chronicle| amit s. upadhye

Published on: December 4, 2015 | Updated on: Invalid date

In the last fortnight, close to 300 people have died in Chennai and surrounding districts

Man rescuing senior citizen (Photo: Amit S. Upadhye)

Man rescuing senior citizen (Photo: Amit S. Upadhye)

Chennai: Thousands of Chennaites on Thursday started moving towards drier parts of the city, braving through waters that were several feet in depth. Amidst intensified rescue operations from the Indian Army, Navy, IAF and Coast Guard, many chose to move out their houses which have been inundated for the last four days.

Chennaites also proved that they can use anything to get out of water and they did not even spare a refrigerator. While many people transported women and children in variety of 'floats' which ranged from stocking empty water bottles in a bag, using thermocol box to carry a toddler and a raft made out of 25 litre water cans! 

While men walked, women, children and elderly were transported by these innovative rafts. Even two-wheelers have been modified to move in the flooded waters by covering the silencer by a polythene cover.

It was not just about temporary shifting. People were carrying drinking water, food packets and clothing even as they had a tough time in wading through the flooded streets. A family had an innovative idea and put all their belonging in a large water tank and rolled it over the flooded waters.

In the last fortnight, close to 300 people have died in Chennai and surrounding districts, and Chennaites are in no mood to take any weather warning lightly. Though Thursday did not receive any rains, the local weather station has forecast rains on Friday and Saturday.

"We cannot sit and wait it out. The rains are continuing and water levels are increasing. We had already shifted to the first floor of our house after the ground floor including the kitchen has been flooded by rain waters.

We have booked a small boat for my family as I have elderly parents and we are moving to a relative’s place in north Chennai where rain effects are minimal," said Karthik, a resident of Teynampet near Nandanam.

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