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Movie Review 'Size Zero' : A good concept gone horribly wrong

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Published on: November 28, 2015 | Updated on: Invalid date

A good concept gone horribly wrong

Cast: Anushka, Arya, Urvashi, Gollapudi, Bharath and Sonal Chuahan!

Director: Prakash Kovelamudi

Rating: 3 stars

After tasting success with Baahubali and Rudhramadevi, it seems reigning queen of the South, Anushka, is set for a reversal. Her latest release Size Zero has not been able to live up to the hype created with her 17 kg weight gain for the film.

An overweight Soundarya aka Sweety (Anushka Shetty) works in a Chinese restaurant. She had lost her father (Rao Ramesh) at a very young age and lives with her mother, grandfather and brother. Her mother is worried about Sweety's marriage given her weight problem.

Meanwhile, an NRI, Abhi (Arya), visits India to shoot a documentary on cleanness and visits Sweety for an alliance. Initially both didn’t like each other and say "no" to the marriage.

A frustrated Sweety's mother then forces her to join Size Zero, a weight reducing clinic. In the meantime, Sweety gets to know Abhi’s good side and starts getting closer to him. In the meantime, Simran (Sonal Chauhan) arrives in India from UK to join Abhi's documentary film. Simran is in love with Abhi. How Sweety overcomes her weight problem and who finally marries Abhi is the crux of the film.

Director Prakash Kovelamudi’s wife Kanika has provided the story. The film’s theme is good and it also comes with a message. However, where it fails is in the entertainment factor. This is where Prakash hasn't done his homework.

The first half of the film is well made and entertaining, but in the second half the director loses the plot and concentrates on weight loss programmes. There could have been emotional drama in the second half, but the director instead goes along with clichéd scenes on cleanness, exposing weight reducing clinics etc. The story is predictable and the screenplay is very bad, especially in the second half.

Performance wise Anushka once again steals the show. One can see her hard work and dedication throughout the film. She put on a lot of weight for the role and took a big risk in doing so. But the film revolves around her and she has taken up the challenge admirably.

Anushka is well supported by Urvashi, who plays her mother. This is definitely one of her better performance in recent years. Arya and Sonal Chauhan are perfect as NRIs. Prakash Raj in the negative role is routine and Brahmanandam and Ali's comedy does not make the cut.

Technically, M.M. Keeravani’s music is just average. However, Nirav Shah’s camera work should be mentioned as he cleverly shows Anushka’s weight problem in a decent manner. Anand Sai’s art work is also good.

Nearly a decade back, director E.V.V. Satyanarayana had made Kithakithalu on the same subject, but it was narrated in an entertainment manner. In Size Zero, Prakash has made a few changes, but he completely fails to entertain or to strike a chord with the audience. The second half is like a PVP promotional video with guest actors like Nagarjuna and others promoting it.

The director should have concentrated on the story rather than promoting the producer’s ventures. Finally, the film has nothing to offer except Anushka and her performance.



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