Rahul Gandhi declares war against RSS

‘Secularism is in the blood of the Congress and it simply cannot be removed’
New Delhi: Declaring war against the RSS and its ‘parivar’, Mr Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said a reinvigorated Congress alone can “smash” the BJP and its ideological mentor.
The RSS does not know what it is going to face in the coming weeks and months and years, he said. “For the first time in the history of our country, a fascist organisation that is openly opposed to the ideology and values of the Constitution has acquired decisive power over the Union. The stated purpose of the RSS is to establish a theocratic, autocratic state in India. To achieve this goal, it has to destroy the current liberal, progressive, secular, social democratic republic,” Mr Gandhi said.
He added, “They have demonstrated in the last 18 months that they are prepared to use the very power of the republic to destroy it. This is an unprecedented challenge and crisis facing all Indians.”
Maintaining that the Congress is ready for the battle, he said, “Secularism is in the blood of the Congress and it simply cannot be removed...”
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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