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Diwali: No bursting of crackers after 10 pm

Deccan Chronicle| amit s. upadhye

Published on: October 30, 2015 | Updated on: Invalid date

Rule to be applicable on November 10 and 11 across Karnataka

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Representational image

Bengaluru: The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) has mandated all the District Commissioners to adhere to Supreme Court’s directions on bursting fire crackers. 
A special emphasis has been made on the timings during which bursting of fire crackers will be completely banned.
A senior official from KSCPCB told Deccan Chronicle that bursting of fire crackers between 10 pm and 6 pm will be considered as an "offence" under the Air Act and the District heads have given power to book the offenders.
"This is being done to ensure the air and noise pollution levels are kept under check during the festival season. These laws will be applicable on November 10 and 11 across the State. The Supreme Court and the Union Ministry of Environment has raised serious concerns over increasing air pollution, especially during festival season. Bursting of crackers adds to the air quality contamination causing severe health hazards," the official said.
The Board has also mandated the District authorities about checking the decibel levels of fire crackers to reduce noise pollution. Elderly, children and animals are the worst sufferers of loud noises during festival season.
"The Board has asked the DCs to confiscate fire crackers which produce noise more than 125 decibels. The district administrations have been asked to conduct checks on such fire crackers before the sale for festival begins. We shall also keep an eye on the fire crackers which are brought from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The Board will continue to monitor air quality and noise levels in Bengaluru during the festival times at few extra locations. This will help in analysing with the pollution levels during the previous years in Bengaluru during Diwali," the officer said.
The Board will also hold media and school level awareness campaigns to sensitise people about using fire crackers which are less harmful to the atmosphere. 
"During Diwali Bengaluru records several cases of fire accidents and injuries to eyes, especially the children. Strangely 80% of the people who are injured by the fire crackers will be bystanders. Hence we are also recommending the bursting of fire crackers in open grounds and away from the crowd," the officer said.
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