Amaravati fete: Narrow roads to create traffic jams

Published Oct 20, 2015, 9:55 pm IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:38 am IST
Locals objected to removal of houses, shops along Vijayawada-Undavalli-Uddandarayunipalem Road
The roads between some residential areas are narrow and causing traffic jam in the Mandadam Centre, that will be the route for general public to reach the new capital Amaravati foundation ceremony venue on October 22. (Photo: DC)
 The roads between some residential areas are narrow and causing traffic jam in the Mandadam Centre, that will be the route for general public to reach the new capital Amaravati foundation ceremony venue on October 22. (Photo: DC)

Guntur: The absence of road-widening in the villages of Capital Region could cause major traffic jams on the foundation-laying day, as heavy rush of people and vehicles is expected from various areas of AP. Estimates are that nearly two lakh people would attend the high-profile ceremony.

The residential areas on the expanded roads to Uddandarayunipalem have been excluded from the road-widening. Traffic on the Vijayawada-Undavalli-Uddandarayunipalem Road is already hit with traffic jams in residential areas. The scenario could only worsen on October 22.


People have to pass through Undavalli, Penumaka, Krishnayapalem, Venkatapalem, Mandadam, Malkapuram, Velagapudi, Tallayapalem crossroad and Moduga Lanka Palem to reach Uddandara-yunipalem.

The main road touching these villages had been widened from being a single road to double. But it remains narrow along the villages, as locals have objected to removal of their houses and shops along the main Vijayawada-Undavalli-Uddandarayunipalem Road. Officials thus left such areas unattended.

Traffic in the Undavalli, Penumaka, Krishnayapalem, Venkatapalem, Mandadam, Malkapuram and Velagapudi got stopped several times on Monday due to traffic jams, and cops were having a hard time clearing them.

Said M. Ramaiah of Mandadam village on the way to Uddandarayunipalem, “We are living here for decades. We have already offered our farmlands free of cost to the government for the setting up of the new capital.  We cannot allow demolition of our houses as well.”

He said some 33,000 acres of land was already with the government, and erection of bypass or other roads could be done on that land. District collector Kantilal Dande admitted to the problem of traffic jams and said policemen and volunteers were engaged in easing the traffic situation. They would divert

traffic to the newly constructed bypass road to avoid traffic jams on the Big Day. He advised the public to avoid bringing in private vehicles and instead use government buses for attending the ceremony. Nearly 2 lakh people are expected to attend the new capital foundation-laying from 13 districts of AP.

Vijayawada-Undavalli-Uddandarayunipalem road passes through Capital Region villages that are having only narrow passage. Those visiting Uddandarayunipalem already face traffic jams in the narrow roads in the Capital Region villages.

Visitors to pass through Undavalli, Penumaka, Krishnayapalem, Venkatapalem, Mandadam, Malkapuram, Velagapudi, Tallayapalem X Road and Moduga Lanka Palem to  reach Uddandarayunipalem passing narrow roads of the villages. District collector, Kantilal Dande, appealed the public to cooperate with officials to avoid  traffic jams, and use buses instead of private vehicles to reach the venue.

SPG takes control over foundation laying venue

Meanwhile, the works of foundation venue completed at Uddandarayunipalem for new capital Amaravati.

Nearly 100 policemen, including SPG commandos, reached to the foundation stone laying venue on Monday and taken control over the main dais by installing a barricade to restrain the public around the main dais, Yagasala and two VVIP dais.

The Yagasala works completed and will cleanse the area to perform Sankhusthapana ritual on the east side in the Yagasala by PM Narendra Modi.

Minister for agriculture P. Pulla Rao, minister for labour K. Achen Naidu, deputy Chief Minister K.E. Krishnamurthy, minister for human resource, Ganta Srinivasa Rao, Guntur MP, Galla Jayadev, Tadikonda MLA, T. Sravan Kumar and others visited the foundation venue and inspected the arrangements.

Mr. Pulla Rao said that all works except platform for Amaravati Sankalpa Jyothi were completed. The Jyothi platform will be readied by Tuesday morning and Chief Minister N. Chandrababu naidu will light the torch after receiving water and soil Kalasam (pitchers) at the venue.

The ministers further inspected the Yagasala and foundation ritual place and inquired about the work progress.

The officials said that Sthala Suddhi (cleansing of place) would be held on Tuesday and further peace rituals will be performed to ready the place on the east side of Yagasala for foundation rituals.

Mr Krishnamurthy, along with ministers, distributed new capital foundation invitation cards to the local farmers. The officials have divided the venue into 36 blocks for security purposes.

The farmer’s seats were arranged in the first place opposite to the main dais where the Prime Minister and other MIPs will be seated. The public in large numbers rushed to the venue but policemen did not allow them into the main dais area.

Location: Andhra Pradesh