Our very own Hannah Mon‘gana’

This crackling vocalist from a city band is now set to perform solo this Sunday
Bengaluru-based vocalist Hannah Mathews’s initiation into music was through her church where she’d listen to mellow, soothing numbers, which soon expanded into gospel rock and metal. “Growing up in Kuwait, we didn’t really have much of a music scene.
“So I made the most of the music I could access, which included Switchfoot, Barlow Girls, Steven Curtis Chapman and Francesca Banchelli,” begins the singer who moved to Bengaluru a few years ago and has now made the city her home. Mathews is a huge fan of British R&B and pop artiste, Jessie J, but is also influenced by genres such as punk, soul, jazz and blues. “I don’t like restricting myself and am open to all sorts of music...even EDM. Being experimental with what I listen to helps me with my own music,” reveals Mathews, who is also part of popular city band, Clown With A Frown.
Talking about her gig on the morning of October 25, she says the songs she’s going to perform will depend on the crowd that comes in. So while nothing is set in stone, the line-up includes Jessi J of course; Rihanna and Coldplay (for those nursing a hangover!) and other artistes with tracks that have a light, peppy vibe. What got the Jyoti Nivas College graduate interested in the music scene in Bengaluru was the band Slain, known for their melodic progressive rock sound. “It was my brother who introduced me to the group and I got hooked instantly. It was then that I slowly started realising how talented and deep the Bengaluru music scene really is,” she tells us.
Contrasting performing with a band and going solo, Mathews shares how everything from the vibe to the sound is different. “My band is quite a big one and often as an artiste you don’t really make a connect with the audience when you’re performing with a group. Everytime I do a solo gig, I feel that connect because I’m a lot more vulnerable and the audience can hear my voice clearer, especially if it’s accompanied solely with acoustic guitars,” explains, Mathews.
Inspired by everything from political topics to even something as mundane as a “ceiling fan,” Mathews YouTube channel is her current pet project. With just two tracks uploaded at the moment, she hopes to add onto to it regularly. “I’m also working on a few originals, but sometimes it’s quite scary to put yourself out there,” signs off the singer who is set to perform at this Indiranagar venue.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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