Movie Review: 'Sivappu'

Film is a watchable affair with an unexpected climax
Director: Sathya Siva
Cast: Raj Kiran, Naven Chandra, Rupa Manjari
Rating: 2 ½ Stars
Konar (Raj Kiran) is kindhearted construction site in-charge who strives for the welfare of his workers. Pandian (Naveen Chandra) is a construction worker with whom Konar shares a close bond. One day, Konar happens to meet a group of Sri Lankan refugees who flee from the refugee camp in a bid to escape to Australia but cheated by a local agent. Konar assures (!) them that they would be provide safe passage to Australia, and that they work in the construction site for the time being . Meanwhile, Pandian after few initial mix-ups falls for Parvathi (Rupa Manjari) who is one among the refugees. Konar manages to hide the group whenever vigilant officers inspect the site. In the mean time, a wrong move by Pandian to start a fresh life with Parvathy lands the duo in trouble. Now, cops chase the couple and they take refuge with Konar. When Konar approaches the local politician (Selvah) who also happens to be their boss to help the duo, he agrees but actually has other plans for his own benefits. What follows is an unexpected climax.
Raj Kiran steals the show with his superb performance. His voice is a major plus for him. Naveen Chandra adequately equips himself with his energetic role. Rupa evokes sympathy and given an effortless performance. In a de-glam character, she gives her career best. Thambi Ramaiah evokes occasional laughter. Bose Venkat and Selvah are intimidating as the rugged policeman and politician respectively. Director Sathya Siva narrates the story and plight of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees as how they are treated in refugee camps in India especially in Tamil Nadu. Though Siva’s intensions are good and he tries to convey a larger message, somewhere in the narration it is diluted because of clichéd romantic scenes. Madhu Ambat’s camerawork is extraordinary and captures the gritty mood of the movie. Music by Raghunandhan is functional. Nevertheless, Sivappu is a watchable affair!
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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