When Vidya Balan visited the weavers

Gaurang Shah recently gave Vidya a guided tour of weavers’ villages to experience the art first hand

Accompanied by designer Gaurang Shah, Vidya Balan recently visited villages in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to experience the designer’s project to revive Indian handloom. Vidya was impressed with the bamboo looms and techniques used to weave intricate patterns of Jamdani.

“It was a fascinating and engrossing journey, as magical as a weave,” said Vidya about her first impression of Gaurang’s weaving village.

Gaurang and his weavers explained to Vidya about the months of dedication that went into creating a sari.

“I also learnt that Jamdani can now be woven with a combination of silk and cotton or even just silk. And the colours are no longer restricted to the off-white, grey and indigo palette of yore. Gaurang Shah, over the years, has used his wealth of experience and understanding of the Jamdani to create a wealth of vibrant as well as soft mellow tones,” said an impressed Vidya.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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