No room for tourists at Thycaud Yatri Nivas

Published Oct 15, 2015, 8:31 am IST
Updated Mar 27, 2019, 11:45 am IST
Accommodation only for politically-recommended visitors

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Yatri Nivas – the luxurious lodging and boarding facility for tourists – opened by the tourism department at Thycaud over two decades ago is in a dilapidated condition and has turned into boarding facility for party workers.

Opened by Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) in 1991 to provide cheap and quality accommodation here, many allege that it has “turned hostile” to tourists and the common man.


According to sources, the facility is being used by party and union workers who come with recommendations from ministers and leaders.

“It has turned into a short-stay home for party workers as rooms are available at cheap rates. The entire building is on the verge of collapse. The building wing under PWD has estimated the damages at Rs 90 lakhs. The drainage system is leaking, and there are cracks in the walls. Roof too is of poor condition due to lack of maintenance,” said the official.

Renovation worth Rs 53 lakhs was carried out in 2008 and later tourism department took over its custody. There are 30 double bedrooms at the boarding facility, nine of them air conditioned. Currently, the department is charging `325 for non-AC rooms and Rs 675 for AC rooms.


“Air conditioners are not functioning, and now we are charging only non-AC rate. The condition of the building is pathetic,” said the official.

Tourism director P. I. Sheik Pareeth said the government had granted administrative sanction to renovate the structure.

“We are planning a total face-lift, and everything including furniture would be replaced. This time we have included a five-year annual maintenance cost (AMC) in the tender document to ensure that timely maintenance is done,” said Mr Pareeth.

Location: Kerala