I’m happy that Prithviraj remembers me: Krishna Namboothiri

Krishna Namboothiri, seen in the role of a mentally-challenged in Ennu Ninte Moideen, says the movie was a big learning experience
A call for a film audition had 5,000 participants all waiting in line for their turn; Krishna Namboothiri was one among the hopefuls. As the morning progressed to dusk, Krishna waited patiently for his turn and as night started falling, he was called.
He was asked to act out eight different emotions after which the director assured him that he would be cast for some role in the film, provided he did not find any other better actor. The film was Ennu Ninte Moideen and Krishna was given the role of the mentally-challenged Pranthan Velayudhan by director R.S. Vimal. Though the role was small, the experience he had from working with big actors was monumental.
Krishna had acted earlier in small roles in films like Idukki Gold, Peruchazhi and Koothara, but it was Ennu Ninte Moideen that gave him the much-deserved appreciation.
He gushes: “It was the climax that was the highlight of my role and I am happy that people noticed it .The biggest compliment I cherish is that Prithviraj mentioned about me in an interview. That an actor of his stature could even remember me was really touching.”
Krishna mentions that his character was a person who was emotionally attached to Moideen. In real life, Moideen had taken Krishna’s character home, fed him, bathed him and cooked for him which created a tiff with Moideen’s father. Though all those scenes were shot, they were edited for lack of time.
Getting into the character was also a different experience. “My makeup took a lot of time to don and to wash it off too it took almost a quarter of an hour. I had to be careful to remove all residue of makeup from my skin. I also had to grow my beard and hair and maintain that look for a year,” he says.
Working with a whole lot of talented actors in Ennu Ninte Moideen offered him an endless stream of learning. Again it was Prithviraj who gave him some never-to-be-forgotten words. “After one particular shot, Prithviraj called me and told me that I should not only be aware of my own dialogues but I should also know the dialogues of my co-actors too. As the shoot went for a retake, I thought Prithviraj would be angry, but he very calmly explained that he was not angry but was telling me something for my professional benefit,” Krishna reveals. Krishna was earlier into modelling but gave it up after his first film offer. He will also be seen in the upcoming Adi Kapyare Koottamani in the role of an online promoter.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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