Anna’s ode to childhood

Singer Anna Katharina Valayil’s new single ‘Honey Bee’ draws inspiration from the innocence and vigour of childhood

Singer Anna Katharina Valayil is expecting her second baby. However, instead of sitting at home taking rest like other pregnant women, she is busy with the release of her new single ‘Honey Bee’.

The song, which Anna composed after the birth of her first baby, drawing inspiration from the innocence and vigour of childhood, is an ode to all kids.

“My inspiration for this song is my daughter. Kids are pretty curious. Just like honey bees they are vibrant and touch and feel things. Even trivial things matter to them and they are eager to know new things. All these inspired me to do this song,” says Anna.

Saying that pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life, Anna explains the evolution of the song. “During my first pregnancy, I had done a few compositions.”

“Then my daughter came to our life and inspired by her life, I did ‘Honey Bee’. By the time I was ready to release the songs, I became pregnant again. But, my husband insisted that it should not stop me from pursuing my dream as pregnancy is a natural thing in a woman’s life. Then, I felt that instead of releasing all songs, I would focus on Honey Bee, which suits the situation.”

Anna did this song in collaboration with Santhosh Chandran, a musician who has jammed with international figures.

“Now, he has moved to Kochi. When I met him for a jamming session, I suggested this idea to him and within one day, the song was set. We wrote lyrics and scored music. Santhosh sir is well-versed in jazz and we did the song purely in that genre. The whole credit for jazz goes to him. I think it is the right genre to bring the soul of the song to audiences. It was a sweet experience for me to sing the song and shoot for the video,” she says. The video is done by Ajmal Haneef and Gokul Maliyekal.

The song is written in Malayalam. Anna plans to release the song through her YouTube channel and website. “More songs are in the pipeline,” she says.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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