Exclusive: Aamir is not involved in ‘Chinar’ at all, says Faisal Khan

Faisal even told producers that it’s unethical to use someone’s name for publicity

Mumbai: Aamir Khan's brother Faisal is making his comeback on silver screen after a span of 11 years with ‘Chinar-Daastaan-e-Ishq’. The film is based on the novel ‘Jheel Jalti Hai’ (Lake is on fire) written by retired civil servant Renzu Shah. The makers of 'Chinar' thanked Aamir Khan in the opening scene of the trailer. However, when asked Faisal about Aamir's involvement, he had a different story to narrate.

Faisal who seemed amused at first, cleared the air and said that his brother is not involved in the film. He said, "Just to make it clear, Aamir is not involved in the film at all. I am a script doctor at Aamir Khan Productions. As I had allotted my time to the film, I couldn't give enough time in office." Faisal jokingly added that Aamir has has been kind enough to not throw him out of his office.

He further added, "My producers have used his name in a wrong way. I have told them myself that it’s unethical and it is not right to use someone’s name. It doesn’t make difference to your film. Like Salman Khan sang a song but the film didn’t get a grand opening. Ultimately your work has to speak."

On being asked about what Aamir has to say in this matter, Faisal said, "I cleared myself with Aamir immediately and also told him that he can stop this film if he wants to. But Aamir said that producers just want to get some cheap publicity so I don’t want to get into all this."

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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