Movie Review ‘Dove’: Love and lust on debut

The best part of Anup’s debut is that it is not marred by the temptation of announcing a future star

Director: Santhu
Cast: Anup Sa Ra Govindu, Aditi Rao, Rangayana Raghu, Avinash, Rakesh Adiga, Madalasa Sharma, Sharat Lohitashwa
Rating: 2.5 Stars

Producer and Kannada activist Sa Ra Govindu’s son Anup Sa Ra Govindu marks his acting debut in Alemari Santhu’s Dove in which the plot revolves around two shades – ‘love and lust’ with a binding factor inspired by a widely reported murder case of a techie who was killed just few days after his engagement. Well, the real life inspiration part of the Dove comes as breaking news for an all-women crew who are waiting to release their movie which is in news since it took off.

The best part of Anup’s debut venture is that it is not completely marred by the typical temptation of announcing a future star. Well, for that to become a reality the debutant definitely needs to work a lot and instead of reaching for the ‘stars,’ it would be more appropriate for him to refine his acting skills.

The highlight is the plot inspired by a real life incident, shot boldly, for which the censor has rightly used its scissors well. Again, a typical subject for a debutant with a filmy connection, wherein a poor guy from a moderate middle class family, falling for a rich girl. For Aditi Rao, Dove being her actual debut film is best when she is showering love on puppy.

The steaming part is the lust portion in which Rakesh and Madalsa does raise the tempo with bold act which starts to build up in the second half. By interval, there is a twist, in which the hero is fixed in the murder of a techie guy, who is a son of a police officer. By far Santhu has done a fair job while stretching his imagination in biding a story inspired by a real life incident. However, climax could have been a little practical where the ‘heroism’ bug bites the director in glorifying the hero who alone fights the dreaded criminals who kill four out of five well-trained police officers in the end before justice is served!

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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