Birthday special: 10 Most underrated performances of Amitabh Bachchan

Here's the list of actor's lesser known power packed roles
Mumbai: We have heard about the celebrated performances of the Big B, theZanjeers, Deewars and the Kabhi Kabhies but what about the ones that got left behind? On the auspicious occasion of his birthday, we take a look on 10 underrated films.
1. Parwana: Played Yogeeta Bali’s obsessive admirer .A victim of unrequited love he plans an elaborate death for his beloved’s father after he refuses to give his daughter’s hand to the passionate premee. This was the angry young man’s angriest performance much before Zanjeer.
2. Ek Nazar: B R Ishaara’s tale of the poet and prostitute showed the the Big B’s mellow romantic side.
3. Reshma Aur Shera: As Sunil Dutt’s mute brother Amitabh Bachchan’s smouldering eyes said it all. A classic example of how much the Big B could do with the limited space provided.
4. Bandhe Haath: The Big B’s first double role, he played two unrelated characters of a thief and a poet keeping both so distinct from one another that the physical resemblance seemed incidental. This was also the only time the Big B co-starred with the gorgeous Mumtaz.
5. Faraar: Fugitive on the run who takes shelter in his former girlfriend’s marital home. The Big B smouldered as a criminal and melted in his scenes with little Master Rajoo.
6. Alaap: Released when the Emergency was declared in India, Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Alaap told a defeatist story of a capitalist father’s rebellious son who refuses to join his father’s posh law firm and prefers to spend time in the slums learning music from his guru. The Big B was in amazing form here, Jaidev’s music and the Big B’s two solo songs Koi gaata main sow jata and Chand akela jaye sakhi ri in Yesudas’s voice were riveting.
7. Jurmana: A rich philanderer is remorseful after he takes advantage of an innocent girl. The Big B portrayed his character’s arrogance and guilt in measured precise tones.
8. Bemisal: I rate Bemisal as the Big B’s best ever. Playing the adopted son of a rich man whose biological son goes astray, the Big B played the martyr with self-deprecatory irony.
9. Manzil: A liar, a bullshitter and a brag…in Basu Chatterjee’s film the Big B was a complete jerk and yet not despicable in his delusional aspirations.
10. Main Azad Hoon: Everyman who become a National hero, the Bachchan magic was very much on display as he embraced the character’s reluctant heroism with complete belief.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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