Pseudo secular politics to fore

Congress in many states initiated the ban on cow slaughter

The Dadri lynching was unfortunate and killing for whatever reason is unacceptable. A perception is being created that the man was killed over beef. Personal animosity could be one of the reasons and it should not be ruled out without a thorough probe.

A perception is being created in the media that BJP is imposing beef ban to implement Hindutva agenda. First of all, it was not BJP which started banning beef. And, it is not a religious agenda.

Religion has nothing do with the law to ban beef. The decision was taken to help farmers and protect agriculture. The cow and its progeny are our farmers’ wealth and their economy revolves around this wealth. No one should make it a religious issue. Cow slaughtering in the last 15 years has reduced farmers’ wealth and they were forced to give up farming.

Journalists, who sit in cities and work from air-conditioned offices, say prices of animals have come down, there are no buyers for animals and that farmers find it difficult to bear the burden during drought. But the Government has opened fodder depots and farmers go to these camps. They never feel the burden of caring for animals because animals are a major farm tool. Once animals are sold, farmers cannot work in farms even if there is no drought.

What is even more illogical is the eagerness to blame BJP government for the beef ban. Congress in many states initiated the ban on cow slaughter and even bulls. Beef ban decision has been interpreted wrongly to target BJP.

Congress leader Digvijay Singh himself has admitted that Congress government had brought the law to ban cow slaughter and beef in various states. In Maharashtra too, Congress had initiated the beef ban. The last Congress government could have scrapped it if it didn’t want it. The act was pending before the President, who did not give his assent. But Congress did nothing to stop it. The President gave the nod after BJP came to power in the state. This shows Congress wanted the ban, but wanted to implement it by stealth.

Similar is the case with meat ban that was imposed in Mumbai during Jain community’s Paryushan period. It was again criticized by many so-called secularists, who blamed BJP for it. But the meat ban during Paryushan period was as per the order passed by the Supreme Court in 1964. It was followed without any resistance or opposition till 2014.

Maharashtra Government in 2004 increased the ban period from two to four days. In 2005 it was raised to five days and in 2014 nine days. Congress was ruling Maharashtra all these years but nobody had any objection.

The people who oppose these decisions now are helping Congress to play religious politics. Congress cannot beat us on development agenda and hence makes issues out of non-issues.

If one actually looks at it with open mind and without any prejudice, we will find that many countries have banned various types of meat.

There are 58 Muslims countries that have banned pork. Some European countries prevent eating dog and horse meat. So, by banning beef we have not done something other-worldly.

“Secular people” argue that not only Muslims but Hindus also eat beef. Can they deny that Hindus consider cow as mother and holy?

The beef ban is being opposed as if it is anti-Muslim, which is far from the truth. All Muslims do not eat beef. Many Muslims in rural areas will tell you that they do not eat ‘bade ka mans’ (beef). It is not a must for Muslims to kill cows, bulls or bullocks and eat beef. Even Quran has nothing on killing cow.

It is pseudo-secular politics that gives it a religious colour. This will widen the rift among religions but will not help farmers.

(Author is national spokesperson of BJP)

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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