Movie review ‘Ring Master’: Salvanos amigos!

The film with the tagline ‘hola mi amigos’ (hello my friends) ends with ‘salvanos amigos’ (save us friends)
Director: Vishruth Nayak
Cast: Arun Sagar, Anushree, Shrunga and Shwetha
Rating: 2.5 stars
What happens when a truly versatile actor is left with only three other artists inside a room to perform, for almost two hours of screen duration? Undoubtedly, something very similar to director Vishruth Nayak’s ‘Ring Master’. Prior to cable TV era, many ‘smart’ film makers and musicians would usually get inspired by English movies, and later showcase their talents by ‘reproducing’ it. With the technology boom, a few present-day ‘smart ones’ have turned to Korean films.
Irrespective of whether it is an 'inspiration' or cut copy paste of a Korean film or a short film, the protagonist/antagonist Arun Sagar deserves full credit for shouldering the entire film on his acting capabilities. Multi-talented Arun Sagar is full of energy, and the output is so much that he is no less than a chain reaction inside a nuclear reactor, which is hard to contain the emission of heat (acting) and radiation (emotions). Anushree and two others are at their best countering the one-man show.
The circus opens up to three characters Rocky, Madhu and Vedha at New Year’s Eve in an apartment. While they decide to stay indoors to welcome the New Year, Rocky plans for a dope (marijuana) party and calls up a dealer who lands at their doorstep exactly at 9 pm. What happens inside the apartment for the next three hours till it strikes 12 is the crux of the film. Oops, it does sounds very similar to the foreign language film titled ‘Countdown in Thailand’.
Cometh the hour, cometh the man – the dope dealer bhangi ranga portrayed by Arun starts his solo-act with a little booster from the three youngsters who are in the mood to party. As the conversation goes from light to heavy, Ring Master reveals his real intention of ringing up their bells of inner conscience. Now, three irresponsible spoilt brats are under his control with nowhere to go, locked inside the tiny room. He makes them confess to their wrong doings. Like an opera, the act keeps switching between high and low notes that result in the restlessness of the audience. Just before the clock strikes 12, the two are shot dead inside the bathtub and Madhu (Anushree) somehow escapes and manages to kills Bhangi Ranga. Wait. All three are alive by morning but how? Watch it for Arun Sagar to know more.
The film with the tagline ‘hola mi amigos’ (hello my friends) departs leaving the audience puzzled, shouting – ‘salvanos amigos’ (save us friends) for the 'inspirational' act.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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