Allu Arjun’s special role

Allu Arjun on Rudhramadevi, his growing fan base in Kerala and why multi-starrers will soon rule the roost across India
Allu Arjun is not really nervous about Rudhramadevi that hit the screens recently. In fact, he says he’s a little curious. “I’m not playing the lead in the film so, no tensions. But I’m very curious how the movie will turn out... I have done this special role with what I believe are genuinely good intentions... to support a film that aims to tell stories from Telugu history, our culture and tradition. So, I’m curious... I want to know how the audience will receive the movie.”
Allu Arjun, however, did a bit more than just step in with good intentions. He played the role of Gona Gannareddy — a prominent chieftain under Queen Rudhramadevi’s rule — for free! Director-producer Gunasekhar and the actor’s gesture saved the movie from imminent death.
The film was stopped because no one had come forward to play this special character. After I heard about the problem, I called up Gunasekhar and told him I was willing to do it. He then asked me about my salary but I told him to not worry about that... some roles are more important than just money.”
Rudhramadevi is also releasing in other languages — Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi. “But I don’t want to say it’s just a Telugu film. It’s about how strong our women are. This story is from the 13th century and this woman (warrior queen Rudhramadevi) showed the world that there could be a female ruler.”
Allu Arjun is also one of those who currently enjoy a cross-border fan base. In Kerala, for example, he’s actually a fashion icon and the actor is attempting a few changes in his operations to tap into the growing Malayali fan base.
“Yeah, I am very much keeping an eye on the market in Kerala. So, for my upcoming films I want to rope in a Malayalam actor for a character,” he says. Bollywood however, is still an ‘unnecessary risk’. “All of us can test waters in Mumbai. But keep in mind this: We will have to completely leave the Telugu industry and focus for at least five to ten years to develop a career there. So, it’s not really practical or recommended... which is why many of us don’t take up the Hindi film industry. You need guts and more importantly, a willingness to leave everything behind.”
But the actor also feels equations are changing. “I feel Bollywood is slowly recognising the South as a major market. Soon, the best of actors from Bollywood and the South could team up and create these massive, multi-starrer, multi-language films that will run in theatres across states — no more boundaries. This is happening and in another three to four years we should be seeing a final product.”

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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