Craig hates getting clicked

The actor is upset with fans clicking photos without asking
Daniel Craig has said that he cannot understand why he is bombarded by selfie-hunters.The 47-year-old actor, due to reprise his iconic role as James Bond in the forthcoming Spectre movie, said he could “do without” people approaching him for photographs.
Daniel told The Sunday Times’ Culture magazine, “If me and my mates went out and all got sh**faced, and someone started taking photographs, they’d get thumped.”
“The other thing I don’t get is, people are happy to take pictures of me without asking. But things have changed so rapidly. Nobody really gives a f*** what I think about the modern world, but that part I can do without,” he added.
However, it seems that his picture-taking feelings don’t extend to red carpet appearances, as he has happily been seen posing for selfies with fans at film premieres, even taking their phones himself to get the best angle.
( Source : agencies )
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