People who abuse are low on vocabulary and status: Shah Rukh Khan

The actor has a request for all those who use foul language against all actors

Mumbai: Social media has given its users a power to express themselves freely, and while we see some using it for the better, some just cannot resist the temptation of degrading others on Internet and this doesn’t seem to go well with Bollywood’s King Khan, SRK.

Going by Shah Rukh Khan’s social media accounts, it’s not wrong to say that he indeed is a proper consumer. SRK, who has always managed to stay connected with his fans by often indulging in Q&A session on his Twitter account, has a request for everyone.

The actor took to his official Twitter account to request everyone not to use foul language for other Bollywood actors or abuse Indian films. SRK wrote, “On social media u do/say wot u feel,free expression blah blah,But wil request my ppl not 2 deride or abuse other films & colleagues. Not cool. But ur lyf ur rulz. Am not here to 2 teach manners. But I deal with idiots with sarcasm. Madar Behen users r low on vocabulary & status.”



( Source : deccan chronicle )
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