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In an interview with us, Deepika and Rohit walk us through their romantic journey

Deepika Singh may play the serious and high-minded Sandhya Rathi in Diya Aur Baati Hum, but in real life, she has a fun, gregarious personality. In fact, it is her husband Rohit Raj Goyal who is the quiet, reserved one. After meeting on the sets of DABH (which Rohit used to direct), opposites did attract and the couple has been inseperable since. In an interview with us, Deepika and Rohit walk us through their romantic journey.

Deepika, Rohit, tell us a little about how the two of you met and what your first impressions were of each other.
Deepika: We met on the sets of Diya Aur Baati Hum. He was my director and at that time I used to think that he is strict and rude!

Rohit: We shared a completely professional relationship at the time but she has always been a fine actor and that’s what I liked about her.

Then how exactly did love blossom?
Deepika: Once Rohit fell very ill with typhoid. Everyone advised him to get admitted to a hospital but he refused because then we didn’t have a bank of episodes for the show. His professionalism impressed me. Then I found out that he too is from Delhi, like me, so we began to bond over that. I visit Siddhivinayak Temple every Tuesday, and he did too. It would get late after the shoots and I appreciated that he would drop me home, each time. I’m a friendly person and I used to get along very well with an assistant on the sets, that’s when rumours of us having an affair began to do the rounds. Rohit called to warn me about the rumours and I told him that we are just friends. During the conversation, he asked me what kind of a guy I am looking for and I said, “Someone like you”. There was this awkward silence after that and I felt embarrassed and cut the call. That’s when I realised that I’ve fallen for him.

Rohit: Yes, we used to end up spending a lot of time together at the shoot and our stars aligned. We were in a relationship for two-and-a-half years but no one was aware of it because we behaved very professionally on the sets. Then one day, a news channel got wind of our relationship and we found a media van parked below Deepika’s building. I had to slip away like a thief. That’s when I thought — enough of this, let’s announce our relationship and tie the knot.

What are your fondest memories from the wedding?
Deepika: I was juggling the wedding with my shoot so I was pretty anxious. I looked into all the details personally. Rohit’s relatives would call him but also ask him to pass on the phone to “Sandhya beendni” so I had to attend to them!

Rohit: My family had been wanting to see me married since a long time. When they found out I’m marrying Deepika, their favourite actress, toh sone pe suhaga ho gaya! They accepted her immediately.

Since both of you belong to the same industry, are you critical of each other's work?
Deepika: I tell him very frankly if If I don’t like any scene from his show, Tere Sheher Mein. Similarly having worked under his guidance, he manages to catch the smallest of mistakes in my performance and I love it when he appreciates my work.

Rohit: Yes, we tell each other exactly what we feel. I also think the advantage of being from the same industry is that she understands, as a director, I work 13-14 hours a day. Someone else would have not understood my work hours.

What are the qualities you love in each other and what annoys you?
Deepika: Rohit is a very sorted person and a good decision maker. What I don’t like (since I’m a fitness freak) is that in taking care of everyone else, he forgets to take care of himself.

Rohit: I appreciate her honesty. Recently, she asked me, “What do you love more —smoking or me?” From that day on, I quit smoking and it’s been four months since. Having said that, when something angers her, she does scold!

What’s been the most memorable vacation you have been on together?
Deepika: Our anniversary celebrations in Goa.

Rohit: Our honeymoon in Switzerland and Paris was memorable. We also went to Vaishno Devi before our wedding.

Deepika, since Rohit was your director, did you ever feel awkward performing romantic scenes with your DABH co-star Anas Rashid?
Deepika: I was conscious, but in a positive way. Rohit knows my real expressions of love. So he would say screen pe bhi best aana hi chahiye. He doesn't allow any cheating at work.

Rohit, how do you deal with Deepika’s flirtatious fans?
Rohit: Flirtatious fans don’t affect me. When we announced the wedding, people couldn’t digest the news and passed a lot of comments. But we were always clear about our feelings.

Rapid fire:
I can't live without:
D: Odissi dance and Rohit
R: Deepika and my work

What I’m watching on TV:
D: I’m dominating in this regard, so I decide what we watch on TV. Currently it is Quantico, DABH and Tere Sheher Mein.
R: The same.

Song I’m humming:
D: Bang Bang and DJ Wale Babu
R: Tere Nishaan from Badtameez Dil

Favoured style statement:
D: Indian wear suits me and I like the Piku-style Indo-western kurtis with palazzo pants.
R: Nothing in particular.

Drink I’m addicted to:
D: Tea
R: Mixed fruit juice

Comfort food:
D: Homemade paneer
R: Egg curry

Favourite holiday destination:
D: Pune, Lonavala, Goa
R: Switzerland, London

Describe your partner in one word:
D: Honest
R: Honest

( Source : natasha coutinho )
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