Five-minute composition gets 10 lakh hits

Gopi is happy that his efforts are paying him back now

Ennile Ellinal padacha penne.. Mukkathe mannilai piranna penne… is what Kerala is singing now. Those who have watched the movie Ennu Ninte Moideen wouldn’t forget this song, which has beautifully captured the essence of the Moideen-Kanchanamala love story. The lyrics and music of the song are so moving and leave deep imprints in the minds of audience that more than 10 lakh people have watched it in YouTube within eight days.

Gopi Sunder, who scored music for this song and did the background score for the movie, says the song happened within five minutes. “We were doing the background music when director requested us to create a background song for the movie. Mohammed Maqbool Salman, a singer who helps me with the Sufi notes, was there during that time. I hummed this tune to him for which he wrote lyrics. He crooned it and thus the song was born,” says Gopi explaining that it is experience that helps him create songs swiftly.

“My songs are not overnight successes. If I could make the Mukkathe Penne song within five minutes, it was because of my 20 years of experience in music industry. People may have started recognising me in the past eight years, but I have been here since I was 16. I believe that a musician should be well aware of the pulse of audience. As a composer, I can understand the reach of a song while working on it. I was sure that Mukkathe Penne would be accepted,” he adds.

Gopi is happy that his efforts are paying him back now. He is less bothered about the accusations he had to face during his journey. “It was not due to lack of talent that I copied songs. There have been many reasons for that. Now, I am proving my mettle. I am happy that once this song became a hit, those who had blamed me before said sorry through Facebook. I am yet to check more than 2,000 messages in my Facebook inbox,” he says, adding that they expect the song viewership to soar to 1 crore in the coming days.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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