Film and TV shoots jolt back to life as the strike has been called off

Talks with the producers guild have not materialize as expected

Mumbai: In Feb 2015, MoU was expired and hence in May, FWICE had threatened to go on a strike if the The Film and TV Producers Guild of India failed to renew the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that had expired in February. As a result, all the workers, including directors, actors, music directors, cinematographers, other technicians, junior artistes and screenwriters & lyricists of the film and TV industry are going on strike from October 3, 2015.

However, the plea did not go unheard and the issue has been dealt with. Dilip Pithva, General secretary of FWICE issued a statement assuring that the Mou will be signed this month. The statement read, "This is to inform all members that the strike has been called off on the written assurance of producers and broadcasters that the Mou will be signed by October 14th 2015 and agreement on mutual terms and conditions Thanking you all for your support."

In the past, grievances of the TV industry have been heard and some actions were taken, however problems of the film industry have taken a back seat. Here are the demands they had put forth-

1) Increase in wages for all 22 crafts

2) Working hours not beyond 12 hours

3) Second Sunday compulsory holiday

4) Accountability of the producers in case of accidental death at the shooting, set erection and post production work.

5) Payment within 30 days to all workers, technicians and artists.

6) Other demands as per the MoU of FWICE.

The FWICE had issued an ultimatum to the producers that if they do not sign the long-pending MoU by October 2; all 22 affiliates including WICA will go on indefinite strike starting from October 3. However, now it seems like issues have been sorted.

Here's a snapshot of the copy that is in possesion with DC

Another snapshot from the copy

When contacted director Ashwini Chaudhary (Jodi Breakers), he said, ‘If I need to sum up this whole scenario in one word, it would be ridiculous. It’s not just about money or wages, but also couple of other eminent issues. Though few changes were arrived for television, Bollywood was overlooked since then.”

A file photo of director Ashwini Chaudhary

We also contacted Mr. B. N Tiwari, President, Sound Artist Association, he added, “We are going on an indefinite strike from Oct 3, 2015. MoU should be renewed and the demands we have raised should be fulfilled at the earliest else producers have to face the huge loss of 100 crores per day. We are not happy to do all this but we are helpless since it’s a prolonged issue.”

At a recent event, actor Farhan Akhtar also showed his immense worries towards this sensitive issue. He said, “Strike affects everyone and it's better to talk and come out with a conclusion. "I was not in India. So I've not enquired about it. Hopefully, we will resolve it and come out with a conclusion soon."

Reports also suggest that, many shoots of Bollywood films like 'Dangal', 'Bajirao Mastani', Mohenjudaro have stalled in addition to TV shows.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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