Movie review ‘Mr. Airavata’: A brand for ‘no sense’ movies

This one is definitely for the ‘die-hard’ fans of challenging star Darshan

Director: A.P. Arjun

Cast: Darshan, Prakash Rai, Anant Nag, Urvashi Rautela, Sadhu Kokila, Chikkanna

Rating: 1 star

Titled after Airavata, a mythological five headed divine white elephant that carries the Hindu god Indra with the prefix Mister as Mr. Airavata and not to forget the tagline – Its a brand, is by all means a true inspiration for ‘no sense’ movies. The ‘intelligence’ of director Arjun and his basic knowledge is too commendable that easily makes 157 minutes of viewing experience the best torture in the recent times.

As per the mythology, Airavata with its five head was a great use for Indra but Arjun here has dedicated all his head towards build-ups from scene one to the end. The first half of it is nothing but a prolonged commercial advertisement through the super cop for an International branded sunglasses and a motorcycle. Of course where there are build ups, there has to be senseless dialogue, penned by none other the ‘intelligent’ director.

Considering the fact that it is suppose to be a complete commercial entertainer, the director has rightly not used his brain while scripting the movie. According his genius script work, there is hardly any logic and one should not even dare to question him as heroism is his only mantra for a sure shot Box Office success.

Wondering what struck the director to come up with such literally breathtaking story leaves the audience with a billion dollar question. The director who has also penned lyrics for the movies has rewritten rules and regulations pertaining to the appointment of an IPS officer and his super powers. Amazing, with such super powers even the characters such as Superman and all other man’s are put to shame. The need of the hour is a police officer with great powers such as that of Airavata portrayed with great challenge by Darshan. How long do we need to wait for that hour to arrive? May be a sequel could thrown some light on it.

A person who can ‘crack’ the civil exam in a day even after been arrested and sent to jail for a cheating offense by faking as an IPS officer and getting away with a minor punishment by the janata nyalayala is a fantasy to ‘die’ for. The President of India gives permission to Airavata to appear for IPS exam. Wow! Again, the Arjun’s brain by re-writing the public service commission act. Well, there is nothing called IPS exam but according to not so intelligent as the director here is, it is actually the public civil services examination. Prakash Rai is the villain and is the only sensible one to watch out for.

This one is definitely for the ‘die-hard’ fans of challenging star Darshan. The rest may not possess the right kind of brain to experience this amazing wonder blunder!

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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