Movie review ‘Singh Is Bliing’: Leave your brain at home to enjoy the film

Director: Prabhu Deva

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Kay Kay Menon

Stars: 3 ***

In recent times, whenever Bollywood has turned its lens on a particular community, the result has usually worked at the box office. In a land so diverse, the quirks and eccentricities of a specific community offers a rich source of cinematic material.

Director Prabhu Deva leaves no stone unturned to establish Punjab as a rich cultural hub within the first 15 minutes of Singh Is Bling. The land of bhangra has been showcased far too many times in Bollywood, but Prabhu brings a fresh take to it. The upbeat tune of 'Tung Tung' helps launch this film onto the right track.

The story is pretty much the same as that of 'Namastey London' -- albeit with less sugar, more spice and everything nice. The story revolves around a young woman (Amy Jackson), who is the daughter of an Indian don based in Romania. She's the object of a villanous Kay Kay Menon's affection, until she offends him, and then he swears vengeance.

Meanwhile, in Punjab, lives Raftaar -- a man old enough to have kids, but who chooses to act like a kid himself. His everyday chores include singing and dancing with friends, pulling along a tractor with his teeth and indulging in risky stunts occasionally. Long story short, Amy meets Akshay and they both fall in love (of course). There's a lot happening in between that Prabhu Deva ensures will make his audience laugh out from time to time.

As promised, Sunny Leone makes her appearance in a sizzling avatar and the crowd whistles and cheers for a while. However, the brief appearance of Prabhu himself is quite a shocker. When you watch the film you will know why.

Akshay Kumar has taken a backseat for action sequences in the film, and for the very first time we see a female lead dishooming bad guys and saving the day for our hero in the film. Good or bad, at least here's a delightful start for all the actresses who wanted to kick some ass in their films! Amy Jackson takes centre stage as she breaks bones in her badass avatar which makes even Lara Dutta quip 'Sara Sara Nai Dara hai Dara, Dara Singh'. Now that's some compliment.

Although Lara is seen throughout the first half of the film and she worked brilliantly, we wonder why her character didn't do justice to the kind of actor she is. Doing a role like Emily only lessens Lara's chances of being a top choice for a lead again. Having said that, the actress has done her best to bring her character to life. Only one actor stands out throughout the film though, and that is the ever dependable Kay Kay. His acting chops alone make this a film worth watching.

Our recommendation: Leave your expectations at home but do grab a bag of popcorn when you head for a show of 'Singh Is Bliing'. This masala entertainer is definitely worth a watch.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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