Ram Gopal Varma unveils his own Bruce Lee

Looks like Ram Charan has some competition now
Ram Gopal Varma is in the news again, this time for releasing the trailer of his film Bruce Lee a day before the music launch of Ram Charan and Srinu Vaitla’s upcoming film that is also titled Bruce Lee.
Though RGV didn’t divulge details about the cast and crew of the film, he stated in a press release: “I am a huge Bruce Lee fan and my film Bruce Lee is the story of a Bruce Lee fan. Hence, the title.”
In the press release, he also said that he had joined a martial arts school when Enter The Dragon had released. “I used to cycle nearly seven kilometres to a theatre to watch this film. I saw it 17 times and Return Of The Dragon 23 times,” said RGV, adding, “I always wanted to make a film on my understanding of what made Bruce Lee such an influence and I finally wrote a script to justify this ambition of mine.”
According to our source, RGV had shot parts of the film a few months ago. “He shot nearly 20 minutes of the film long ago. He is releasing it (the trailer) now because he doesn’t want people to say that he copied or was inspired by Charan’s film,” says a source.
The source adds that RGV has actually made a girl from Mumbai named Pooja undergo martial arts training for the film. “The girl is still under training in Mumbai and once she gets into shape, RGV will complete the film,” says the source. The film will be made in Hindi and then dubbed into Telugu.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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