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Cyber soldiers to Combat hacking

Published Sep 29, 2015, 11:54 am IST
Updated Mar 27, 2019, 4:23 pm IST
Hacker group retaliates against Pak attack
Mallu Cyber Soldiers believe that hacker groups like Pak Cyber Attackers operate out of Pakistan
 Mallu Cyber Soldiers believe that hacker groups like Pak Cyber Attackers operate out of Pakistan
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: As the cyber attack on Kerala government’s official website by  the ‘Pak Cyber Army’ has led to retaliation by the pro-Kerala hacker group,  ‘Mallu Cyber Soldiers’, the state government has geared up to enhance its cyber security by seeking the assistance of private cyber experts.
According to sources, the plan is to enhance the cyber security capabilities of Computer Emergency Response Team —Kerala. IT Mission director Mohammed Safirulla will  hold talks with some noted cyber experts in this regard this week. A security audit of all the government websites is also being  considered.   
“We are discussing with various teams on removing the vulnerability in various sites with top priority,” said Mr Safirulla.
The   ‘Mallu Cyber Soldiers’ hacked over 100 Pakistan websites, including that of the government,  by Sunday evening.  
“Today is a proud day for Mallu Cyber Soldiers. As we warned earlier, we implemented our 1 : 100 strategy,”  a social media post of Mallu Cyber Soldiers said.
Investigators said that the hacker groups mostly consist of youngsters in the age group of 18 to 22. They often target websites of rival nations as the chances of  any legal implications would be very remote.
Moreover, the owners of the sites that are hacked also do not press for legal action  as the hackers often expose the vulnerability of their sites. Over the last many years, hundreds of state government sites have been  hacked. But the police were not able to take the se probes to their logical conclusion  as the hackers are from other nations.
“Only in cases  where hacking of high-profile sites and national security is concerned, the probe is taken beyond the nation’s boundary,”  police sources said.
In most cases, including the attack on 30 state government sites in April, the hackers used proxy internet protocol addresses to mislead the investigators. 
From the log of the hacked site, it would be difficult to trace the exact location of the hackers and they use proxy IP addresses.
Though IPs of none of the recent hackings was from Pakistan, Mallu Cyber Soldiers firmly believe that hacker groups like Pakistan Cyber Attackers and Pakistan Cyber Army operate from Pakistan.  “These groups have been  attacking Indian cyber space since 2009,” Mallu Cyber Soldiers said.
Location: Kerala