Kollywood to ‘nick’ the story of thieves

Jiju Asokan’s Urumbukal Urangarilla, a humour-packed thriller, that narrates the story of a gang of thieves, is set to be remade in Kollywood
Mollywood’s affair with ‘thieves’ continues. Jiju Asokan, the scriptwriter-turned-director, says it was a real incident in his neighourhood that made him think of Urumbukal Urangarilla, a humour-packed thriller, that narrates the story of a gang of thieves. Jijo was apprehensive about audience response as his movie released with two other big movies. However, he is happy now as not only has his second directorial venture managed to find its foothold amid stiff competition but it has also garnered offers to be remade into Tamil and Telugu.
“It is the subject and the elements of humour that are its strengths. Anybody can relate to the story of thieves portrayed in our movie. Vision I media, one of the prominent labels will be taking Urumbukal Urangarilla to Tamil. I will be handling the direction and the cast is yet to be finalised. Since Tamil is a different canvas and Urumbukal Uragarilla contains many regional elements and colloquial usages, we may have to change the script accordingly. We have got an offer from Telugu as well. Discussions are going on,” says the director.
The ant allegory is used throughout to describe the tactics of thieves. “Because they are similar to us in many ways. Like ants, robbers are disciplined but do not mind taking any risks in achieving their aim,” says Jiju, explaining that they did a thorough study on ants and their behaviour. “We also explored the life of thieves. We talked to some local burglars and referred to books such as Thiruvilayadal Puranam and Chora Puranam, which discuss about them. But, I don’t think that the film glorifies thieves,” says Jiju.
Chemban Vinod, Vinay Forrt, Sudheer Karamana, Kalabhavan Shajon and Aju Varghese play the prominent roles in Urumbukal Urangarilla. Chemban whom we have seen as a thief earlier in movies, was reluctant to take up the role at first. “When he sat with me to listen to the script, he said he was tired of playing thief. But, he liked the story line of our movie and agreed to do it,” says Jiju.
Now, Jiju is a bit relaxed and is getting ready for a trip to refresh his mind. “When released, we were afraid that our movie wouldn’t get attention. Luckily, it is going good. Once I am back from the outing, I will start working on the Tamil script,” he adds.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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