No actor wants a flop: Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar talks about playing a Sardar once again in Singh is Bling

Akshay Kumar is hoping that his upcoming film Singh is Bling will outshine his earlier blockbuster Singh is King.

“Bling” here, says Akshay, does not mean glittery stuff. “It is when you are recognised for your good deeds.”

On a series of flops
About his criteria for choosing films, he says, “Every actor likes to choose a film hoping that it will do well. No one will choose a film thinking that it will be a flop. We cannot help it if sometimes a story does not work.”

Akshay, who has had his share of flops, says that one should not be depressed on being unsuccessful. “If we are unsuccessful, we only need to work harder. One need not lose hope and stop working, instead he should try to achieve success by working harder.”

The Sardar effect and Prabhu deva
Akshay says that he is proud to have played a sardar. “Sardars have done a lot for our country. Also, wearing turban feels great. No sooner does a sardarji enters a room, everyone turns to look at him. They look distinguished.”

Akshay Kumar and Prabhu Deva make a great combination (remember Rowdy Rathore?) and the actor gives the director his due.

“He does not mix things up. He speaks very little and concentrates more on his work. I like this attitude of his and I like working with him.

Always the diplomat
During his long career, Akshay has ensured that he has not ruffled any feathers.

“I do not like to hurt anyone. Even if I do not like a film, I will always appreciate it…though I might ask them, softly, to make changes in some areas like editing etc.,” he says.

He adds, “If our kids are not good at studies we need not correct them rudely. We should try and induce them to work better the next time. This will bring in improvement in whatever they do. I feel we should handle sensitive issues with care. Being rude will leave no room for improvement in an individual,” he says, philosophically.

The language barrier
His co-star Amy Jackson is not very conversant in Hindi. But Akshay says that should not be a problem for a professional. “Language should not be a barrier for us actors. I am very happy to hear that someone is making a film on the importance of our mother tongue — Hindi, which has taken a backseat to English these days. I always make it a point to speak in Hindi when I am on the stage.”

All praises for non-Hindi speaking actresses, especially Katrina Kaif, he adds, “All these leading ladies who belong to other countries win in their minds only when they decide to come here and work in Hindi films. Look at Katrina, I remember when she came fresh into this field many people would ask, ‘how will she manage without knowing the language?’ I am proud of her success today. One has to motivate themselves in the right direction.”

Hollywood dreams
“I feel I need to make it first in Bollywood. There is a lot more I have to do here. Maybe in the next birth I will go to Hollywood,” he says with a smile.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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