Baba Sehgal ko WiFi chahiye

Baba Sehgal is ready with his next song Mumbai Ka Vada Pav

Singer talks about his latest song Mujhe Wifi Chahiye, working in T’wood and his rapport with all the ‘mega families’

Baba Sehgal is in the news again with his latest video Mujhe WiFi Chahiye, which has gone viral online. On the heels of his popular song Power Power Star that was released on the occasion of Pawan Kalyan’s birthday, the new video tackles the issue of kids wanting Wi-Fi connections at home.

Extremely happy with the response, Baba says, “Internet is a common problem. 3G is expensive and with Wi-Fi, everyone can surf the Net. Everywhere in the world, 75 per cent people end up watching porn. And that’s what I’ve said in my song too. It’s a clean song and I’m glad that people have liked it.”

Baba, who is known to compose and write his own songs, feels that social media is a boon for aspiring artistes. “Twitter and Facebook are wonderful platforms to showcase creativity and content. This is a different phase of entertainment and I’m game for it,” he says.

How challenging is it to work in the South? “You know, they have to do their homework before approaching me. If the particular composition is not in my comfort zone, I can’t do it. South songs are known for their high pitch and I’m certainly not the guy for them.”

Any friends in Tollywood? “I’ve tied up with Pawan Kalyan, Chiranjeevi and Venkatesh. I respect them but I don’t have a regular rapport with them. When we meet, we do talk but that’s it. I’m not doing the songs for money,” he says.

With his videos going viral, is Bollywood also approaching him? “I think they are insecure about the work I do,” he says. Though the songs are popular, there has also been a lot of criticism, but Baba remains unfazed. “You can write anything. Whether negative or positive, you are taking note of me. I’m a passionate rapper. All my songs have a story. For me, rap is rhythm and poetry and a feature film in three minutes,” he says.

So, what’s next? “I’m ready with my next song Mumbai Ka Vada Pav. It will be out in the next few weeks. I’m playing a villain in Rudhramadevi. I’m also acting in YRF’s Bankchor starring Riteish Deshmukh. A song may work out too,” Baba says.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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