Film on rapist Akku Yadav

Published Sep 26, 2015, 4:25 am IST
Updated Mar 27, 2019, 5:11 pm IST
Hard-hitting cinema: A still from Keechaka
 Hard-hitting cinema: A still from Keechaka

S.V.B. Chaudhary is making his debut as a director with Keechaka. From the title, it’s evident that the story is about a rapist. And Chaudhary says that the film has been inspired by a real incident in Nagpur.

“The story is based on the rapist Akku Yadav. He raped about a 100 women and was finally stabbed to death by his victims. My film supports women. The incident took place in 2004,” says Chaudhary.

When Chaudhary hit upon the idea of the film, the nation was abuzz with the Nirbhaya episode. “So I thought that this was the topical point and immediately decided to start the film,” he says.

“I went to Nagpur, met many people and also visited a few police stations to get information about Akku Yadav and the victims,” he says, adding that he has highlighted the victims who had killed him in front of the courthouse.

“They suffered a lot and no one understood their pain. Nearly 20 women united and killed him in front of court; the case was closed recently,” he says.

Chaudhary is known as the industry’s “screenplay guru”. “I have a collection of 300 to 400 books on screenplay writing and I read a lot on the subject. Many people approach me to be a consultant for their scripts,” he says.

Chaudhary, who has worked with prominent directors like Singeetham Srinivasa Rao, Ram Gopal Varma and N. Shankar, says he likes realistic subjects, not the regular commercial formula.

The story of last year’s film Minugurulu had been provided by Chaudhary and it had won quite a few awards.

In Keechaka, Chaudhary is introducing some new faces. Yamini Bhaskar is playing the female lead while Jwala Koti will play Akku Yadav’s character.

Explaining the film’s “A” certificate, Chaudhary says, “There is some violence and a few explicit scenes. If I had made the film as the incidents happened, people would say that it was an art film or a documentary. So I added a few commercial ingredients and made this as a thriller.”



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