Movie review ‘Arjuna’: Combined force of two dynamics

If you leave aside overacting, the first half leaves a good impression

Director: P.C. Shekar

Cast: Devaraj, Prajwal Devaraj, Bhama

Rating: 3 stars

After hitting a home run on his debut, Prajwal Devaraj finally finds his form with a little push from his ‘god’father. Also a sigh of relief to the talented director whose first two movies in Kannada failed to do any magic at the Box Office. However, this time he has come up with a sensible film and the best part is its short duration- 104 minutes.

Yet again, a simple story webbed around few characters is proving to be a winner. The script being the key, the plot thickens with several twists as the best cop of Sandalwood is back in action. The tailor-made rugged looks and voice for that perfect cop image is a stealer for dynamic hero Devaraj. His character, Prajwal is his finest performance so far. With the combined force of two dynamics, Arjuna revolves around a mysterious crime. The crux is universal here on whether justice prevails in the end.

By cutting the crap of usual temptations of ‘build-up’ action scenes while introducing the heroes, four to five typical songs for every emotion and sleazy humour, the director does a neat job by letting his script to do all the talking. A tough and intelligent police officer is up against a mysterious murder of a district collector, and getting onto the tail of one of the main suspect (played by Prajwal) the truth starts unraveling and soon it leads to those who actually put him on the case.

If you leave aside overacting, the first half leaves a good impression and then comes the romantic phase in which Bhama leaves the audience mesmerised for a while. After a brief lag in the flow, Arjuna is more determined to take revenge before the smart cop starts to catch up with him. A no nonsense crime thriller is worth watch especially for those who missed dynamic hero playing the cop role for a long time.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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